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How dentists answer frequently asked questions

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How dentists answer frequently asked questions
In clinical practice, patients often ask questions that some doctors have answered “difficult”. The “difficult” lies in the fact that patients do not understand the occurrence of the disease and the principle of treatment, and doctors have to give careful answers to these problems.
In the face of every patient, regardless of what kind of questions the other party asks, the doctor should show a peaceful and unobtrusive attitude, demonstrate self-confidence, and have confidence in the hospital. The more problematic the patient is, the more the doctor must pay attention to the patient's eyes with a smile.
Patient asks: How is it so expensive?
At this time, the doctor should answer according to the patient's condition and individual condition:
First, the doctor must tell the patient positively that the other person's condition is not a minor problem.
The drugs used in hospitals are not ordinary drugs. It is the doctor who chooses the patient's symptoms.
Secondly, to explain to patients that such a treatment is effective, faster, and that the patient's body is less guilty and does not delay work. Finally, I explained to the patient that there is a very cheap medicine in the hospital. However, the purpose of visiting the doctor is to cure the problem as soon as possible. Even if the medicine is free, it will be of no benefit to the patient.
How dentists answer frequently asked questions
Patient asks: Can the disease be cured?
To address this type of problem, doctors must focus on patient science, clearly analyze the characteristics of various types of diseases, and at the same time emphasize individual differences to patients. Because each person and each person's health status, immune function, length of the disease and other conditions are not the same, the results after the treatment will naturally be different. In doing this, if the patient still shows doubts and puzzled emotions, the doctor should patiently explain to the patient again.
Patient asks: Does a course of treatment require less money?
In general, patients do not ask, doctors do not have to talk about, first, some diseases really need a long time of treatment, the second is to start too much, is a psychological pressure on the patient, and even make the patient give up the negative treatment Propensity to achieve the purpose of treatment. Doctors can provide an approximate category based on the patient's condition.
Patient asks: Before the treatment, there were a lot of risks. We had to sign a notification/surgical consent. Does the doctor want to shirk responsibility?
Even if it is only to pull wisdom teeth, doctors also need to tell patients about various possible risks in advance. And let the patient sign and confirm. The doctor must explain to the patient that for each patient who is to be operated on, the hospital is required to sign an operation consent form, which is what all hospitals must implement and is also the right of informed consent of the patients prescribed by law.
The doctor explained in detail the conditions and possible conditions, so that patients understand the treatment of possible conditions and problems that need to be avoided, which is the performance of doctors due diligence.
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