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The function and construction of full automatic developing machine

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Full automatic developing machine is one of auxiliary devices for imaging,it is a special equipment for automatic&continuous film developing.The basic construction of full automatic developing machine includes film transmission system,liquid circulation system,liquid supplement system,liquid temperature control system,developing time control system,hydro-graphic system,drying system,control display panel&related circuit.

The functions of each part is as followed:
1.Film transmission system: Consisting of variable speed electric motor,belt gear,roll raft etc.It is used for films' reception and delivering.

2.Liquid circulation system:Consisting of developing&photographic fixing fluid circulation pump and corresponding circulating line.It functions to guarantee the homogeneity of the developing liquid's concentration and temperature.

What is full automatic developing machine

3.Liquid supplement system: Consisting of developing&photographic fixing fluid make-up pump,added liquid storage barrel and related conveying liquid pipeline.Its working principle is that first to measure the film via a transducer,and then calculate the estimate area of the film by the CPU,according to which to decide the supplement quantity of liquids,thus driving the make-up pump to add liquid,guarantee its supplement.

4.Cheap full automatic developing machine Liquid temperature control system: Consisting of heating tube,temperature sensor and related circuits.Its function is to convey the liquid temperature to CPU,then CPU will control the working status of heating tube by setting the temperature,ensuring a stable&constant temperature of the liquid.

5.Developing time control system: Mainly including speed sensor that delivers film to variable speed electric motor and related circuits.Its working principle is that CPU controls the delivering speed from film to the motor according to the setting developing time,thus controlling the developing time.

6.Hydro-graphic system: Mainly including water inlet,water limit valve,water outlet etc.Its function is to remove the liquid remains on the film.

7.Drying system: consisting of heater strip,air fan,heating circuit and control circuit.It is functioning to dry up the developed film.

8.Best full automatic developing machine Control the display panel: Mainly to realize man-machine interaction,we can set the developing time,liquid temperature,liquid supplement and drying temperature etc.

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