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It is necessary to wear the protective clothing during the X ray inspection

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Most people don't know the danger of ionizing radiation
X ray is a kind of medical inspection method
Do you wear the protective clothing during the X ray inspection? When mentioned this question,most people said no.The health supervision institute of Medising long company made a special inspection,our staffs found that most hospitals have the protective clothing,but the the doctors don't ask the patients to wear it and most people don't realize the danger of ionizing radiation and don't use the lead suit.
Most patients don't know to wear the protective clothing during the X ray
At the entrance of X ray inspection room,we found that the warning notes posted on the wall,like "watch out the "ionizing radiation","Inform the doctor earlier if you are pregnant".One woman patient is going for the X ray chest inspection,the nurse help her wear the lead hat and lead aprons.Inside the X ray inspection room,we also found the warning notes,which inform the patients to wear the protective clothing and teach them how to wear it properly.
Full body radiation protective suit | Radiation proof suit
Although the protective clothing in the hospital is enough,but seldom patient will wear the clothing and seldom the doctor will inform that.It is reported in the interview,some people don't realize it is necessary to wear the protective clothing in the X ray inspection.One patient told us,every time she did the X ray chest inspection,the doctor only ask her to take off the purse and jewelry,but never told her to wear the protective clothing.While her workmates are all the same,standing in front of the machine without wearing any protective clothing.
You can complain that if there is no protective clothing in the hospital
It is explicitly stipulated in the "radiological diagnosis and treatment regulation",with other medical institutions to carry out the interventional radiology X-ray imaging in the diagnosis of the workplace,personnel protective equipment shall be equipped with work and client personal protective equipment On nearby light sensitive organs and tissues of thyroid gland eyes,etc.for shielding protection,and prior informed patient and client radiation effects on health
The staff of Medising long health supervision bureau told us,they inspect 22 medical institutions and found that most hospital have the protective clothing,but the doctor don't inform the patient to wear it,while the patient also are lack the knowledge of self protective.Especially some large hospital,during the busy time or accepting the team inspection,they almost ignore that.
While there is no punishment for the lack of informing,.So we call on improving our self protection consciousness during the X ray inspection.If the hospital ignore that,we can complain to the local health supervision department.
The X ray inspection should no more than 1 time every year.
X ray is a kind of ionizing radiation,which will break the macromolecular structure inside the body and even damage the cellular.The body will be hurt.So during the X ray time,except the illuminated part,the other parts shall be protected by the clothing.When we wear the protective clothing,we can resist 99% scattered light.
If we don't wear the protective clothing during one X ray inspection,will our body be damaged? The staff of Medising long health supervision bureau told that if the x ray protection is in the limited range,the damage is not harmful.If the X ray radiometric is beyond the limitation,it will result in the radiation reaction,or bring in serious radiation damage.As the illuminated part is not the same,so the X ray radiation is also different.
It is explicitly ruled by the National Health and Family Planning Commission,the inspection frequency and illuminated radiation shall be strictly controlled,every person shall no more than one X ray inspection in one year.It is suggested that the patients shall avoid the fluoroscopic examination if the normal examination is OK,which shall also based on the actual situation.
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