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Best Shockwave therapy beauty system MSLST02-B
Product Name:  Best Shockwave therapy beauty system MSLST02-B
Latest Price:
Model No.:  MSLST02-B
Weight:  Net weight: Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

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Improvement of mocro-circulation and metabolism
Dissolution of calcified fibroblasts
Supports the production of collagen
Reduction in tissue tension
Analgesic effect

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Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


Best Shockwave therapy beauty system MSLST02-B

The shockwave system uses the ballistic principle of shockwave generation: A pressure wave is formed via a projectile by using accelerated compressed air. The compressed air is generated by an electronically-controlled ballistic-pressure compressor. Using elastic impact, the kinetic energy of the projectile is transferred into the probe of the applicator and then into the client's body. 

Consequently, during the treatment, the end of the applicator must be in direct-contact with the skin and subcutaneous tissue.Shockwave is aimed at the affected areas that are the source of chronic pain. The influence of the shockwaves causes to the dissolution of calcium deposits and leads to better vascularization. The after-effect is relief from the pain.

Best Shockwave therapy beauty system MSLST02-B  Shockwave has the following effects:
➢Cellular: Increase in cell membrane transmittance by improving ionic channels activity, stimulation of cell division, stimulation of cellular cytokines production.
➢Reproduction of vessels in the area of tendons and muscles: Improvement of blood circulation, increase in concentration of growth factor beta 1, chemotactic and mitogenic effect on osteoblasts.
➢Effect on nitrogen oxide system: Bone healing and remodelling. 

➢Improvement of mocro-circulation and metabolism.
➢Dissolution of calcified fibroblasts.
➢Supports the production of collagen.
➢Reduction in tissue tension.
➢Analgesic effect.

Best Shockwave therapy beauty system MSLST02-B   Advantage
1.By the targeted application of the shockwaves, stress to the surrounding tissues is quite insignificant.
2.The body is not burdened by pharmaceuticals, except the short-term effect of local anaesthesia, if used. 
3.The possibility of preventing the necessity of surgical intervention and its relevant hazards.
4. For some indications, such as Tennis Elbow, there is really no other effective treatment.

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