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10,000 oxygen machine of units delivered India. Best Oxygen Generator Price in China. High oxygen purity. Low noise.  Easy to use.  Delivers up to 95.5% oxygen concentration. OEM&ODM serive、In stock, Fast Shipping、Free Customs Clearance. Medical grade,Dual flow 10L, 10L oxygen concentrator for sale. Yuwell oxygen machineProvide the best price.

Fast delivery,Medical grade,Dual flow 10L,In stock,10L oxygen concentrator
The nasal cannula provided is 2m long,length customization available upon requests.
Large flow range and high quality
High intake position, cleaner air
Low oxygen concentrator alarm,Pressure cycle failure alarm,Power outage alarm,Compressor failure alarm
Higher outlet pressure to ensure proper flow delivery
Externally powered, Class II, Type BF
Purity alarm when the oxygen purity below 82%(Optional)
Max flow reach to 10L with more than 93% oxygen con-centration.
Complete plastic outer shell, safe and reliable
Especially suitable for hospital mini oxygen central system.
Innovative “cooling” technology to improve reliability and life of the unit
High pressure:20-60PSI/1.4-4Bar/0.14-0.4Mpa
High pressure: 20-60PSI/1.4-4Bar/0.14-0.4Mpa
Strong adsorption, good drying and pure oxygen
0.5-5L flowrate oxygen concentrator

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