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Medsinglong have Oxygen generator concentrator 3L 5L 6L 9L 10L for sale。
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MSL Best Quality New Manual Hot Ambulance MSLJH4 for sale
Product Name:  Best Quality New Manual Hot Ambulance MSLJH4
Latest Price: US$10000-37000/Set
Model No.:  MSLJH4
Weight:  Net weight:2450 Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

Quick Details

Ultraviolet radiation disinfector light

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


Best Quality New Manual Hot Ambulance MSLJH4

Hot Ambulance MSLJH4


New Manual Hot Ambulance MSLJH4 Technical parameters

wheelbase (mm):3110
Overall dimensions (mm):5420×1880×2450
Complete vehicle curb mass:(kg):2450
GVW (kg):3250
Engine model:4RB2
Transmission: 5 speed manual transmission
Max Torque: 217/3800 (N.m/rpm)
Fuel type: Petrol
Fuel consumption:10.8L
Working manner: in-line, 4 cylinders, water-cooled, direct Injection inter-cooled petrol engine
Displacement (L):2.438
Emission standard:GB18352.3-2005 CHINA Ⅳ
Maximum power (kw):102
Front overhang/ Rear overhang: 1190/1120(mm)
Front wheel tread/ Rear wheel tread: 1655/1650
Max. speed (Km/h):150
Steering system: power-assisted steering
B Standard configuration of vehicle
1 Electric side mirrors
2 Power window
3 radio (with CD)
4 Hand-free Intercom system between driver's cab and Patient's compartment
5 2 seats in driver's cab
6 Single upward opening rear door
7 Foot pedal in rear door
C Air conditioner and lighting system
1 Vehicle-mounted air conditioner in driver's cab 1
2 Vehicle-mounted air conditioner in Patient's compartment 1
3 Ventilation fan mounted on the roof of Patient's compartment 1
4 1 illumination light s left and right side of vehicle outside 2
7 Illumination lights in Patient's compartment 6
8 Spotlight lights in the roof of Patient's compartment 1
9 Ultraviolet radiation disinfector light 1
D Central power supply distribution system
1 Automatic charging system 1
2 10m mobile cable 1
3 12V outlets in Patient's compartment 3
4 220V outlets in Patient's compartment 3
5 230V/16A waterproof outside outlet with protection cover 1
6 12V DC power-supply system 1
7 Intelligent inverted power supply system(12V -220V) 1
8 Central control system 1
E Emergency alarm system
1 Control plate of siren and alarm lamp mounted in driver's cab 1
2 100W loud speaker 1
3 Blue Flashing alarm light bar mounted on the front roof of vehicle 1
4 2 Blue Flashing alarm lights mounted on left and right side of vehicle 4
5 Round cylinder alarm lights on the rear roof of vehicle 2
F Patient's compartment
1 Compartment wall mounted between driver's cab and Patient's compartment ,
a glass window in wall to make observation
2 One foldable doctor’s seat mounted to floor near to compartment wall 1
3 Patient’s seats, mounted in right side of patient's compartment 3
4 Oxygen bottle (10L×2) ,mounted in left side of vehicle
5 Oxygen reducing valve 1
6 Instruments and medicine cabinet mounted to the the left side of patient's compartment
7 Wall, door, and vehicle roof adopts aluminum-plastic Composite materials
8 Imported Interior medical floor, acid & alkali resistance, fire prevention, anti-skid, anti-static.
9 Raised edge of patient's compartment, dust-proof, anti-skidding, washable
10 Ventilation fan mounted in the interior roof of Patient's compartment 1
11 Illuminating lights mounted to the interior roof of patient's compartment 6
12 Red color reflective strip in waist of body
13 Mobile Self-lifting stretcher mounted to patient's compartment 1
15 220V outside power supply 1
Quality New Manual Hot Ambulance MSLJH4
New Ambulance MSLJH4
Use Ambulance MSLJH4
Excellent Ambulance MSLJH4

New Ambulance MSLJH4 Standard configuration 

1) HIACE Chassis SY6548MS3BH: 1unit
2) Anti-skidding floor in Patient's compartment: 1set
3) Integrated interior decoration: 1set
4) Partition wall: 1 set
5) Illuminating Light in Patient's compartment: 1set
6) Transfusion bracket: 1set
7) Medicine and instrument cabinet in Patient's compartment: 1set
8) Long bench (or 3 original vehicle seats):1set
9) Supply system of oxygen: 1set
10) Inverted power supply: 1set 
11) External power supply: 1set
12) Ultraviolet radiation disinfector light:1pc
13) Outside identifying light: 1set
14) Flash alarm light bar: 1set
15) Ventilation system: 1set
16) Doctor chair: 1set
17) Self-lifting stretcher (with infusion holder): 1set
18) Multifunctional operation panel: 1set
19) Fire Extinguisher: 2pcs
20) Crashworthy head restraint: 1set
21) Garbage bin: 1pc
22) Non-contact Interphone system: 1set
23) Special cabinet for stupefacient: 1set
New Manual Hot Ambulance MSLJH4
Cheap Ambulance MSLJH4
MSL Ambulance MSLJH4
portable Ambulance MSLJH4

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