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Lead suit is one kind of our radiation protection products, If this could not feed your requirement, just see other radiation protection such as lead glass, x ray jean, lead vest, lead apron, lead sheet, lead rubber.

The lead cap protection is high quality x-ray lead protective products with CE certificate-radiation protective suits
It is equipped with 4 casters. The upper protective plate can be put up and down according to the requirement-x-ray protection screen
Lead Coat Apron ,Pull on from the back side and one-faced,1000*600mm and 900*600mm-x ray protective aprons
The medical X-ray protective series products are made of natural rubber and yellow lead powder, covering with clothing when processing-radiation protection aprons
Self-lock device for the trolley and it can Use medical soundless casters-workstation trolley
We can supply 2kw-50kw series high-frequency X-ray combined generators and high-frequency Mammography generators-x-ray high voltage generator
lead equivalent: 0.50mmpb/0.35MMPB - Lead triangle
Not leak, Stainless steel, Noncorrosive - X-ray developing tank
Two types: ordinary chair and multipurpose chair - Lead x-ray chair
Two types: fluoroscopic room above 0.5mmpb and camera chamber above 1.0mmpb - X-ray studio
Above 0.50mmPb, 4 casters - Radiation protection screen
Calcium tungstate blue, rare earth blue, rare earth green - X-ray intensifying screen
manual up and down adjusting system - Hanging protective lead screen
Multi dimension, cheap price - X-ray film cassette
FUMINGWEI MG-SR has the outstanding appliance and the function of static electricity protection while being conveyed by any conveying equipments.- Discount Medical x-ray film
0.50mmPb, 4 casters - X-ray screen
0.35mmpb, 0.50mmpb - X-ray lead gloves | Nuclear gloves