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Medsinglong brand MSL6800 digital mammography system cost
Product Name:  Medsinglong brand MSL6800 digital mammography system cost
Latest Price:
Model No.:  MSL6800
Weight:  Net weight: Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

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Medsinglong brand MSL6800 digital mammography system cost

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Medsinglong brand MSL6800 digital mammography system cost

Detector System (ANKE) ): Parameter
1 Detector material : a-Si
2 Detector size : 24cm×30 cm
3 Pixel matrix : 4096×3072
4 Spatial resolution : 6.49LP/mm
5 A/D : 16bit
6 Pixel size : 77um
7 Time of image acquisition : ≤2s
digital mammography
High frequency and voltage Generator (SPELLMAN made in USA) )
1 Input voltage : AC220V/50Hz
2 Maximum power : 5KW
3 Maximum output voltage : 40KV
4 Maximum output current : 160mA
5 Maximum exposure time : 10000ms
X ray Tube components  (IAE made in Italy) )
1 Size : 0.1mm/0.3mm
2 Anode angle : 15°
3 Positive martial : Mo
4 Inherent filtration : 0.5mm Be
5 Anode heat storage capacity : 225KJ(300KHU)
7 Additional filtration: 
0.03mm(Mo)/0.3mm(AL) or
Exposure System
1. AEC(According to the thickness and the density of the breast, the compression automatically choose filtration materials and exposure
2. Manual Exposure mode(Setting ;KV、mA、ms)
C-arm system
1 C-arm lifting range : 770mm~1310mm
2 C-arm rotation range : -180°~ +180°
3 Tube rotation range : -30°~ +30°
4 SID : 65cm
5 Protection : at least 4 kinds
1 Control : Auto
2 light : LED
3 Size (light field) : 18*24cm、5*18cm
4 Filtration material : Mo/Rh, Mo/AL or RH/Ag
Compression systems
1 Compression mode : Auto/Manual
2 Compression release : Manual/Auto
3 Compression plate : Support all kinds of size
4 Compression precision : ±20N
5 Maximum range : 5~280mm
6 Compression range : 0N~200N
7 Pressure/thickness display mode : Digital
1 Patient Information Management
1.1 Case management functions including patient information, checking and image management
2.1 Standard DICOM3.0Worklist query service, can query and download information from HIS /PACS
2 Image Acquisition
2.1 Integrated X-ray generator control interface, can adjust X-ray generator parameters directly from the software
2.2 Exposure(For high voltage generator and flat-panel detector linkage control, exposure, detection, image acquisition
2.3 DICOM image generation (combination of image pixel, patient information, exposure information)
2.4 The patient parameters preset of each placement
2.5 AEC Functions
2.6 Image preprocessing
2.7 Real time adjustment of the wide window position
2.8 Real time clip of ROI
2.9 Real time of horizontal and vertical mirror, rotate function
mammogram screening
3 Image Processing
3.1 Real-time display system status
3.2 Window width and level and Gamma adjustment, multi-point LUT curve adjustments
3.3 Positive and negative conversion, image scaling, flip, mirror, rotate, zoom display
3.4 Original image display, full screen, histogram display, window adjustment
3.5 Image smoothing, sharpening, noise reduction, edge extraction, tissue equalization
3.6 Image annotation function
3.7 Real time prompt system can store the number of images
3.8 Display patient information/check information/equipment information, image information
3.9 1×1、1×2、2×2 varieties of display mode
3.1 The navigation display of image preview for all the patient
4 Image output
4.1 Standard DICOM3.0 output laser camera, can easily select configured scheme (film size, layout) printing
4.2 Standard DICOM3.0 archive service, can put the image file to the server, supports the background automatically sent
5 Computer
5.1 Hardware Quad-Core CPU 3.0GHz,Memory8.0GB, Hadrdisk 1T,DVD,LCD display
5.2 Operation system Win7
5.3 5M mammary special display optional
digital mammography system



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