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It is equipped with 4 casters. The upper protective plate can be put up and down according to the requirement-x-ray protection screen
Self-lock device for the trolley and it can Use medical soundless casters-workstation trolley
We can supply 2kw-50kw series high-frequency X-ray combined generators and high-frequency Mammography generators-x-ray high voltage generator
Full sheet-metal, CNC forming, simple structure & reliable performance-radiography testing equipment
Combined with X-ray device,bridge rectification,oil-immersed self-cooled unit-Animal x ray machine
30mA Veterinary diagnostic X-ray equipment, 180~240V single-phase-Veterinary dental x ray equipment
Power:3.5kW, Double focus fixed anode focus:1.5mm / 0.6mm, Anode Heat Capacity:40kHu X-ray tube sleeve heat capacity:667kHu
Developing time:Adjustable 20s-90s, Developing rate:160(12×15in)/hour - medical film processor
30mA animal diagnostic X-ray device MSLVX01,combined X-ray generator-Veteranary supplies
Output power: 3KW, X-ray tube: 2.6mm fixed anode - Mobile xray machine
Suitable in each kind of size cartridge - Portable veterinary x-ray
Not leak, Stainless steel, Noncorrosive - X-ray developing tank
Generator: Multipulse DC X-Ray Tube: OCX105 - Digital dental x-ray machine
X-ray generator:Single focus, half-wave rectification and oil-immersed self-cooled - Tooth x-ray machine
X-ray generator:High frequency dc at 20 kHz - Dental panoramic x-ray machine
Fast exposure time selection while protecting the head during X-ray examinations - Intra-oral dental x-ray

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