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How to Choose Dental Loupes?

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1.Choose the correct magnification and working distance in order to ensure that you work in complete ergonomic harmony with your new loupe.

2.Look at an object with straight black lines.The most common signs of poor quality loupes are low resolution,chromatic aberration and spherical aberration.Resolution is defined as an optical system's ability to form distinguishable images of objects separated by small distances,or to recognize fine detail.

3.Test the magnification.The level of magnification used is most often based on personal preferences.However,there are a few guidelines which could help in choosing the best magnification for your specific needs.Choose the lowest comfortable magnification level,as this would provide the widest field of view.

4.Test the working distance.The working distance refers to the distance between your eyes,and the patient's mouth.You can measure this while assuming your normal working position,making sure you are comfortable,that your back is straight,and that you are not leaning forward too much.Perhaps you could ask someone to assist you in this procedure.

5.Check the field of view.The field of view is the area that is visible and in focus,while looking through the loupes.A larger field of view is preferred,as there is a larger area visible through the loupes,and there is less need to move your head around.The size of the "field of view" also corresponds directly to the magnification factor.

6.Check the depth of view.The depth of field is the depth of the area that is visible & in focus,while looking through the loupes.A larger depth of field is preferred,as there is a deeper area visible through the loupes.The size of the "depth of field" corresponds directly to the "working distance".

7.Compare with prescription lenses.If you use glasses with prescription lenses,it is important that you have the option of fitting your loupes frames with the correct prescription.Otherwise,the loupes will not perform according to specifications.The standard frames,can easily be fitted with prescription lenses by your optician.Loupes are also available in a "clip-on" option,which can be clipped on to your regular glasses.

8.Test the weight of the loupes.Weight is an important factor when choosing a new loupe.Especially if the loupe is to be used for longer periods of time.Lightweight loupes are more comfortable,and in the long term,will reduce tension and other complications.Ultra light weight loupes,offer the maximal comfort.All loupes utilize extremely light weight materials.

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