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The steps of using a Portable X-ray machine

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An analysis of using a Portable X-ray machine by MSL:

Step one: check first before using the instrument case and notice whether there is a damage during transport.Unpacking Check whether the host has traces of collision damage.Then remove the host,you can get a well combination between three notches of the cover and three screws of display’s front.Move a rotation angle can make the CD cover fixed.

Step two: Turn machine power (Put the plug having a grounding wire single-phase three-hole outlet),when the switching power indicator light,DRO head of the host light.Press the self-locking start button,the DRO shows the X-ray tube anode voltage (KV) or anode current (μA) (depending on the selection switch may be),the instrument is working properly,then the screen showed a yellow-green,will be measure was placed between the X-ray tube and the image intensifier (Objects as close as the image intensifier),you can see the perspective image of the measured object on the screen,adjust the current (μA) on the digital display panel,voltage (KV) adjustable knob until the image satisfied.Under the premise to ensure image clarity,it should maximize the use of low current (μA) in a perspective.

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X-ray machine

Step three: When press the start button of the self-locking,there is a work instructions light the X-ray tube emit rays on digital display panel,press the start button again to make it self-locking or regular time is used,X-ray tube stop working (Timing set in about 1 minute).

Step four: The instrument should be intermittent use,if the working hours continuous long,and more than the range of unit effective operating temperature,this function automatically shut down,this time in the digital display panel light the over-temperature indicator,it needs to stop for a moment until the temperature drops only after return to work.Downtime,depending on the ambient temperature.

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