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Simple troubleshooting of Anesthesia machine

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1. Probably due to pipeline rupture or loose joints, there's the leaks sound in Anesthesia machine, showing Pressure Low, Peak Low and other warning or no warning.Generally speaking, when there's the sound of the leak, mainly because the leak of high-pressure part (such as the central gas supply joint or gas supply to the machine main switch), you can check the relevant part of the tubing or fittings.And as the leak site is mainly medical gases (air) and oxygen, if can not be excluded timely, we should repair or replace the machine after the patient surgery completed according to site conditions.

2. Testing breathing bag will drop, probably because breathing circuit leaks, clean the release valve is recommended to check and re-adjust the position, or replace pressure relief valve, breathing bag set.

Anesthesia machine failures

3. The respirators can not judge the switch position of Bag / Vent exactly, possibly because the respirator or carbon dioxide absorber break down, should be changed to manual respiration, meanwhile contacting the service personnel.

4. A large number of air leakage from the breathing circuit leaks (manual mode), probably due to the manual connecting pipe of the ball took off or not connected exactly, or the soda lime canister is not properly installed, it is recommended to confirm the manually ball connecting pipe correctly connected or reinstall the soda lime canister.

5. The power supply will trip frequently as the power outages, possibly because the overloaded output device when connected to the power supply, it is recommended to check whether the device power has shorted out or use the outlet dispersedly.

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