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Mindray North America is a company founded on innovation, accompanied by an enduring commitment to customer service and an unwavering dedication to improving patient care. Through the products it manufactures and the service it delivers, Mindray North America is committed to bettering the patient experience, while remaining viable to its stockholders.
With the acquisition of the Patient Monitoring Division by Mindray Medical International Limited, a new company has emerged as Mindray North America, A Mindray Global Company. The combined strengths of the organizations through our products, service and resources has created an unprecedented opportunity for growth and development. With collective resources totaling approximately 10,000 employees worldwide, the business is well-positioned for a future rich with progress and continued innovation.
Mindray North America manufactures products found throughout the hospital, and are largely focused in the areas of anesthesia, emergency medicine and critical care. Medical facilities that count on our products can be found in over 80 countries across the world.
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mindray cell counter Mindray bc-2800vet bc 2800
Designed following a careful study of the changing needs of clinical practices
iTOUCH with parasternal long axis and display cardiac structures
Gain improved image quality based on auto structure detection
realistic rendering mode of fetal 4D images

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