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MSLGH02 HbA1c Analyzer | Hba1c Analyzer Price
Product Name:  MSLGH02 HbA1c Analyzer | Hba1c Analyzer Price
Latest Price:
Model No.:  MSLGH02
Weight:  Net weight: Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

Quick Details

Test parameters: HbA1c,eAG

Sample type: whole blood

Sample volume: 3μL

Test time: 3-4 min.

Measurement range: HbA1c 4.0%-15.0%

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


MSLGH02 HbA1c Analyzer | Hba1c Analyzer Price

MSLGH02 HbA1c Analyzer Introduction:

MSLGH02 series of HbA1c analyzer, based on Affinity Chromatography and fluorescence immunoassay technology by control of microcomputer, is a clinical testing equipment which is rapid, accurate, convenient, practical.

Hemoglobin (Hb) is composed by a variety of sub-components and derivatives. Therefore, a variety of glycosylated hemoglobin (GHb) produced after scarification is collectively referred to as HbA1. HbA1 is a mixture with subtypes such as a, b, c and d. HbA1c constitutes the majority and the most stable part of it. HbA1c is formed during non-enzymatic reaction in glucose and adult's Hb (HBA) of amino-N-terminal (B link) through two steps.

The first step is reversible and produces unstable HbA1c, after which it will slowly change into the stable HbA1c during the second-stage reaction. The relative proportion of HbA that changes into stable HbA1c will increase with the average blood glucose concentration in erythrocytes. As erythrocyte's life cycle is about 100-120 days, HbA1c can reflect the average blood glucose levels within the last 2-3 months. Therefore, HbA1c is also suitable for long-term monitoring of blood sugar levels for the patients of diabetes. In case of serious metabolic disorder, the risk of the occurrence of diabetic complications (such as diabetic nephropathy and retinopathy) will be increased accordingly.

As an indicator of average blood sugar levels, HbA1c can predict the risk of diabetes complications. For clinical routine examination, it is sufficient to have HbA1c examination every 3-4 months. In some cases, such as in pregnancy or major change for treatment programs, it is very helpful to have HbA1c examination once every 2-4 weeks.hba1c measurement

MSLGH02 HbA1c Analyzer Working Principle

MSLGH02 analyzer is based on the principle of Affinity chromatography. On the basis of this principle, the blood cells will be rapidly pyrolyzed and release the hemoglobin after mixing the test sample with the hemolysin. When the hemolysis sample is dropped to the detection area, it can adsorb chemically the glycosylated hemoglobin from the sample that has been dissolved with the hemolysin under the condition of the pH value of the eluent B. Through the 430-nm illuminant of the analyzer, quantitative detection of hemoglobin is taken by use of 415 nm absorbance peak. At the same time, the light reflected in the test strip surface can be detected by the photodiode where the reflected light value has a direct and certain proportion with the glycosylated hemoglobin concentration of the sample.

MSLGH02 HbA1c Analyzer Competitive Advantage:

1 Color touch screen

2 Big display

3 Dry system, Maintenance free

4 Real cost-effective and convenient 

MSLGH02 HbA1c Analyzer Specifications:

Test parameters: HbA1c,eAG

Sample type: whole blood

Sample volume: 3μL

Test time: 3-4 min.

Measurement range: HbA1c 4.0%-15.0%

CV: ≤5%

Comparison: 98%

Storage: 10,000 sample; 12 months QC value, power failure protection


Power requirement: AC220V±10%, 50Hz,50VA, with Li battery option

Dimension: 205mm×130mm×70mm, 1KG

Working temperature: 10-30℃

Consumables: HbA1c strip, kits, RF card 

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