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MSL New Pen Type PH Meter | Multimeter Tester Hydro MSLZJ018 for sale
Product Name:  New Pen Type PH Meter | Multimeter Tester Hydro MSLZJ018
Latest Price:
Model No.:  MSLZJ018
Weight:  Net weight:0.088 Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

Quick Details

Pen PH meter for on-site or field operations designed to simultaneously display

PH and temperature values of the portable pen-precision instruments.

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Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


New Pen Type PH Meter | Multimeter Tester Hydro MSLZJ018

Multimeter Tester Hydro MSLZJ018

Multimeter Tester Hydro MSLZJ018 Overview

Pen PH meter for on-site or field operations designed to simultaneously display
PH and temperature values of the portable pen-precision instruments. The
instrument is suitable for tap water monitoring, aquaculture, environmental
protection, printing and dyeing, electroplating, beverage industry and research
institutes Determination of water PH value.
Second, the main technical performance instrument
Model MSLZJ018
Measuring range PH: 0.1-14.0PH;
Temperature: 0-50 ℃, 32-122F
Resolution PH: 0.1PH
Temperature: 0.1 ℃ 1F
Accuracy PH: ± 0.1PH
Temperature: 1 ℃ / 2F
PH Calibration PH: 25 ℃ three-point calibration
4.0 6.9 9.2
External electrode wiring electrodes
Operating temperature 0-50 ℃ (32-122F)
Battery Power 1.5V * 4PCS
Size Φ40 * 185mm
Weight 88g
Pen Type PH Mete
Third, the operation guide
1, remove before using PH meter below the electrode protective cap,
the PH composite electrode agitation in pure water or distilled water,
thoroughly washed after drying, press ON / OFF power, the PH composite
electrode immersed in the test solution, slightly after the addition shaking still,
until a stable reading digital PH, PH is the value of the measured solution.
2, PH meter factory default temperature unit is ℃, temperature units for conversion,
proceed as follows: at PH meter off, hold CAL hold, then press ON / OFF power on
the right side of the display appears to be: when "℃" or "F", release the CAL; press
CAL to select "F" or "℃"; press HOLD after storage selected; the display will show "SA"
symbol indicates the selected temperature unit has been saved The instrument automatically
enter the normal measurement mode.
3, instrument calibration: prepare standard buffer 6.86PH, according to the ON / OFF power,
the PH composite electrode into standard buffer configured appropriately after shaking still,
until PH digital stable, press CAL for about 3 seconds. CAL symbol is displayed, then release
the CAL, PH meter will automatically recognize the standard buffer value at the current temperature,
about one second to display the current measured value, and then displays the standard buffer value
at the current temperature display "SA" sign after two seconds The results are expressed calibration
memory, and then displays the "END" symbol indicates that the calibration has been completed,
one second after the return to normal measurement. If you pressed CAL, one seconds after
displaying the "END" symbol, indicating that the standard buffer or electrode failure aging,
press any key to exit, restore measurement mode. Please confirm whether standard electrodes
buffer or normal. Calibration 4.01pH, 9.18pH buffer, followed.
* When the PH meter calibration, does not show "END" sign, do not count out from the
PH standard buffer. PH meter with a time calibration standard buffer and the correct method
of operation, improper calibration will increase measurement error! In non-standard calibration
status, do not press the CAL may cause erroneous instrument calibration, the instrument can
not work or lead to measurement errors far exceeded normal.
4, the instrument Press ON / OFF power, when the instrument is in measurement mode,
press HOLD to lock the current data on the display, press HOLD unlock mode.
5, over-range display, when the PH value is less than "0", above the "14" or "not in a
measuring electrode solution" when, PH display will show "- - - -."
Pen Type PH Mete
Fourth, Caution
1, try to choose the instrument calibration liquid PH worth close to the measured
standard buffer solution, so you can make more accurate measurements.
2, if the instrument requires calibration, depending on the test solution, the electrode performance,
and precision measurement requirements. Precision measurement should be calibrated in a timely
manner; when the general accuracy of the measurement, the first continuous use calibration for a
week or longer, if the error is beyond your accuracy requirements must be recalibrated.
In the following cases the instrument must be recalibrated:
(A) electrode or electrodes new for long unused.
(B) measured after the concentrated acid or alkali concentration measured later.
(C) measured after fluoride-containing solution and the organic solution doctrinal.
3, please do not use the PH meter liquid inserted too deep, so long as the liquid can not be
over-glass electrode. Before using special attention when PH electrode retaining ring loose,
if PH electrode retaining ring loose, liquid PH meter course tests may enter inside the
instrument cause a malfunction.
4, sensitive glass ball PH composite electrode must be soaked in wet conditions in
order to maintain an activated state, and a normal test. If the PH electrode long-term drying,
there will be slow response, poor accuracy is not normal. Therefore, the bottom electrode cap
PH-20/220 Waterproof Pen PH meter front end, there is a storage sponge, the user must always
keep the sponge moist sponge when dry, can add a drop PH4.00 standard buffer solution,
(Do not let the solution flow), and the electrode protective cap tightly, so PH electrode in wet
conditions remain activated state.
5, PH composite electrode long unused If you have dried before use should be soaked for
several hours in 3.3MOL / L KCL solution, or buy a dedicated electrode soaking solution.
6, PH electrode tip sensitive glass bulb, not in contact with a hard object, any damaged hair and
rub the electrode will fail. Before and after measurements and should be washed with pure water
electrodes to ensure accuracy. After measuring sticky sample, the electrodes need to use water
repeatedly washed several times to remove the sticky film on glass samples, or to wash with a
suitable solvent, and then water wash solvent.
Tips: Do not test solution to support the entire test pen thrown into the water. In immersion electrode Biography
Pen Type PH Mete

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