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At Home Laser Hair Removal Machine & Treatment,Discover the latest in IPL and laser hair removal technology with our range of salon-standard hair removal devices. 

Best at home 808nm diode laser hair removal machine MSLDL25
Product Name:  Best at home 808nm diode laser hair removal machine MSLDL25
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Model No.:  MSLDL25
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Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
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808 nm diode laser hair removal
diode 808 laser machine
diode 808 laser hair removal machine

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808 nm diode laser hair removal machine MSLDL25
Semiconductor laser technology is a very ideal laser hair removal system at present. It is based on the principle of selective photothermal theory, so that a 5 specific wavelength of laser penetration of the epidermis (without damage to the epidermis) hair follicles, dry hair melanin selectively absorbs laser energy, hair follicles heated solidification necrosis, hair will no longer grow.

Best at home 808nm diode laser hair removal machine MSLDL25 Application 
1, remove the limbs, armpits, chest back hairs, bikini line and other parts of the body's excess hair; 
2, cheek hair removal, lip hair removal, hair removal of the beard, neck hair removal, back hair removal, chest hair removal, axillary hair removal, hair removal of the arm, bikini line hair removal, leg hair removal
Smart refrigeration:Quickly reduce the local temperature, comfortable hair removal
Swipe flash:Fast sliding technology to increase operating speed
Root hair removal:The energy penetrates the epidermis and reaches the roots of the hair
Whitening and rejuvenation:By absorbing melanin at a specific wavelength, it has the effect of whitening and rejuvenating the skin

Wavelength 808nm
Mode Pulse Mode
Spot Size 13mm*13mm
Temperature 0-30 degree
Energy Density 20-70J/cm2(≤±2%)
Pulse Width 5-400ms
Frequency 1-10Hz
Handle Power 360W
Input Power 1200W
Screen 8 inch touch screen
Cooling System Water cooling+ Wind cooling
Voltage AC220V±10% 15A 50-60HZ, 110v±10% 25A50-60HZ
Fuse 15A

808nm wavelength laser can penetrate skin epidermis to reach the deep hair follicle tissue, through specially set pulse duration to protect target tissue to produce enough heat damage, the surrounding tissue almost unaffected; 

Adequate energy density guarantees sufficient energy output to damage the target tissue within the appropriate time, and the normal tissue is also almost naffected; the appropriate skin protection measures protect the target tissue enough damage, and the epidermis is almost naffected, thus ensuring the safety of treatment.

Hair follicle tissue and after absorbing the energy and heat of the laser is heated to about 50 degrees, hair follicle and growth stem cells that lose their growth activity, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal

The Diode 808 laser permanently reduces hair on all skin types, including very fair skin and olive or African-American skin. Treatments are most effective on medium to dark hair on any skin type. Fine and light hair is very difficult to treat. Blonde, red, white and gray hair cannot be treated.




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