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ATP cell : ATP Fluorescence Rapid Detector - colony counter MSLFD02
Product Name:  ATP Fluorescence Rapid Detector - colony counter MSLFD02
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Model No.:  MSLFD02
Weight:  Net weight: Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
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ATP cell : ATP Fluorescence Rapid Detector - colony counter MSLFD02

ATP Product - ATP cell : colony counter MSLFD02 Description:
 MSLFD02 ATP Fluorescence Rapid Detector for rapid detection of microorganisms in food and drinking water, rapid detection of tableware cleanliness, food processing equipment, worktops, food and beverage utensils and other disinfection results of rapid detection, medical environment work platform for immediate assessment.
atp cell MSLFD02
The device uses biochemical reaction to detect ATP content. When used, samples are collected with pre-wetted water swabs, and the ATP swab is wetted with buffer, which helps to extract the biological material (ATP) from a dry or moist surface. The swab contains a reagent that cleaves the cell membrane, which releases the intracellular ATP and reacts with the specific enzyme contained in the reagent to produce light. The luminescence value is measured by a fluorescence illuminance meter. The number of microorganisms is proportional to the luminous value.
ATP cell : colony counter MSLFD02 Instrument features:
High sensitivity - 5X10-18mol / ATP
Speed - conventional culture method 18-24h or more, and ATP only need a dozen seconds.
Feasibility - The number of microbes has a clear correlation with the ATP contained in the microorganisms. By detecting the ATP content, the number of microorganisms in the reaction can be obtained indirectly.
Maneuverability - Traditional training methods need to be carried out by trained technicians in the laboratory; and the ATP fast cleanliness detection operation is very simple and can be operated by the general staff only by simple training.
Production of the ATP fluorescence detector was the Ministry of Science and Technology "scientific and technological innovation projects"
atp lab MSLFD02
ATP cell : colony counter MSLFD02 The main parameters: 
1, large screen clear LCD display
2, the detection accuracy: 5 × 10-18mol / ATP?
3, detection range: 0 to 9999 RLUs
4, detection time: 15 seconds
5, detection error: ± 5 RLUs
6, the operating temperature range: 5 ℃ to 40 ℃
7, the operating humidity range: 20-85%
8, ATP recovery: 90-110%
9, detection mode: RLU, coliform screening
10,50 user ID settings
11, can set the number of results limit: 250
12,2000 memory storage
13, automatically determine the qualified
14, automatic statistical pass rate
15, built-in self-calibration light source
16, boot 30 seconds self test
17, with RS232 interface (with USB interface), the results can be uploaded to the PC
18, instrument size (W × H × D): 192mm × 87mm × 34mm
19, the use of two standard 5 batteries or rechargeable lithium battery
21, standby state (20 ℃): 6 months
22, Chinese operation manual
23, stable liquid luciferase
24, wetting the integrated collection of swabs
Random configuration: ATP fluorescence detector (handheld) host, instrument package, lanyard, battery, PC data cable, data analysis software, Chinese operation manual
Matching Products: ATP Fluorescence Detection Swab, ATP Sample Collector
atp testing MSLFD02
 1, ATP fluorescence detection swab using a dedicated sample collection and response integrated rapid detection device, supporting the use of ATP fluorescence detector.
 2, the detection of swabs using the world's leading liquid stabilization reagents, more easy to use, to provide a more accurate, light-emitting signal longer and repeat the better test results.
 3, can be stored for a long time cold.
 4, can detect dry surface and liquid samples.
 5,15 seconds to get the test results.
 6, applicable to all kinds of domestic, imported ATP fluorescence tester.
 7, the only one independent research and development production of ATP fluorescent swab, the price is only half of imported ATP swab.
 8, the results of good reproducibility, high reliability, environmental design.


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