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A neonatal intensive care unit, usually shortened NICU (pronounced "Nickyoo") and also called a newborn intensive care unit, and special care baby unit (SCBU - pronounced "Skiboo"), is a unit of a hospital specialising in the care of ill or premature newborn infants. 

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neonatal incubator MSLBI12
Product Name:  Premature baby incubator | neonatal incubator MSLBI12
Latest Price:
Model No.:  MSLBI12
Weight:  Net weight: Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

Quick Details

Set temperature,air temperature,skin temperature and internal battery power are displayed by LED

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


Transport Incubator MSLBI12
.Air mode and baby mode controlled by microcomputer
.Use AC Power and DC Power alternatively,DC 12V or DC 24V Power on the ambulance
.Set lemperature,air temperature,skin temperature and internal battery power are displayed by LED
.Self-testing function,various failure alarms by audible and visual
.Alarm function:
  Power failure,Over temperature,Temperature deviation,Fan failure,Temperature sensor failure
.Double wall hood with side door and front door,4 operating windows and 2 iris ports,5 infusion seals
.The infant bed can be pulled out from side door easily
.Natural air flow humidity
.The height od whole unit is adjustable
.Oxygen supply system
.LED observe light,adjustable brightness
.Build-in storage cabinet
infant incubator
neonatal incubator MSLBI12 technical data
Powersupply: AC110/220V 60150Hz
Power input: 450VA
Environment temperature: 10℃- 30℃
Operating condition Environment relative humidity: 30%一75%
Environment air velocity of flow: <lm/s
Air temperature control range: 25℃一3TC 37.1℃一38'C
Skin temperature control range: 3YC一370C 37.1℃一38'C
AirlSkin temperature sensor accuracy: ±0.30C
Temperature fluctuation:  ±1℃
Uniformity of mattress temperature: ±1.5℃
Air temperature deviation alarm: ±3℃
Skin temperature deviation alarm: ±1℃
warm-up time: ≤40min
Internal noise level: ≤60dB(A)
Main battery: DC12V 40AH,Li-ion battery
Charge time: 12hours
Battery use time: 2hours
Auxiliary battery: DC8.4V 0.17AH,Li-ion battery
Mattress size: 63cm(L)'32cm(W)
Trough capacity: 1200mL
Air filter: 0.5μm
neonatal incubator
neonatal incubator MSLBI12 transport and storage
Each unit is packed in two plywood cases (control unit): 100*70*88cm
N.W.:65Kg  G.W.:11OKg
Trolley: 145'64'56cm
N.W.:30Kg  G.W.:6OKg
Transport and storage
Environment temperature: 40C - +550C
Environment relative humidity: ≤95%
Atmospheric Pressure: 500一1060hpa

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