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Clinical Application of Dynamic DR - Hysterosalpingography

Clicks:Updated:2023-03-10 14:03:21

Tubal infertility is one of the main causes of female infertility. Hysterosalpingography is less invasive and can make a correct diagnosis of tubal blockage with an accuracy rate of 98% under the operation of an experienced physician.

Hysterosalpingography can understand whether the fallopian tubes are patent, the site of obstruction and the morphology of the uterine cavity according to the visualization of contrast agent in the fallopian tubes and pelvis, which is irreplaceable by ultrasound, CT, MRI, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and tuboscopy. As the most advanced imaging equipment in the field of general radiology, multi-functional dynamic DR for hysterosalpingography greatly surpasses the past examination techniques and is more accurate, convenient and efficient.


Compared to traditional gastrointestinal machines, dynamic DR has a large rectangular acquisition area and can display the entire pelvis in a single exposure, significantly reducing observation time. Controlled transient irradiation avoids the subject from absorbing too many X-rays, which is especially important for women of childbearing age. The high-definition spot film in millisecond time can complete the film during the flow of contrast agent, capturing key images and providing a clearer picture of the specific patency of the tube lumen and the site of blockage, which is of great value for examination and diagnosis.




In addition, the use of dynamic DR for hysterosalpingography can also be useful for the treatment of some patients with mild to moderate tubal blockage by pressure pushing.

hundred micron size dynamic flat panel DR combines digital photography, digital fluoroscopy, digital imaging, large format high definition spot film, video preservation and playback, panoramic stitching and other functions in one, flexible and convenient operation, equipped with the industry's leading 100μm high quality dynamic flat panel, spatial resolution up to 5.0lp/mm, the output image is clear and sharp, can effectively capture more lesion information, reduce missed diagnosis, misdiagnosis, and make the diagnosis accurate. The output image is clear and sharp, which can effectively capture more lesion information, reduce missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis, and greatly improve the accuracy of diagnosis.




Dynamic DR can be used for a variety of gynecological examinations such as infertility, based on the advanced features of visualization of spot film and large HD format. Currently, in domestic and international medical institutions, hysterosalpingography using dynamic DR is the main method to check uterine tubal infection, and also has the therapeutic effect of separating adhesions, killing two birds with one stone. It is undeniable that the advent of multi-functional dynamic DR has further improved the level of gynecological imaging.

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