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What are the advantages of mechanical structure of FPD DR in clinical applications?

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After a hundred years of development, General Radiology has become a widely used inspection method worldwide. The dynamic flat panel detector DR with multiple functions such as fluoroscopy, radiography, and whole body splicing can better meet the high standard clinical needs of medical institutions, help the capacity building of medical institutions, and provide better services for patients.


The mechanical structure of a dynamic FPD DR directly affects the clinical use, because the performance of the mechanical structure has a decisive impact on the convenience of the technician's operation and positioning, as well as the comfort of the patient for examination. The evaluation of the mechanical structure of a floor mounted dynamic FPD DR mainly depends on two indicators. One is the movement ability of the tube and column, and the other is the movement ability of the table. 


The digital motion x-ray system is such a multi-functional dynamic flat panel DR. What are the advantages of its mechanical structure?


Intelligent lifting of table

The table of dynamic FPD DR is a carrier to support patients to carry out various types of examinations. The table height directly affects the convenience and comfort of the examination. With intelligent lifting table design, it can float up and down, front and back, left and right in six directions, and the auxiliary positioning is more convenient. It can reduce the pain of the patient when moving the bed and avoid secondary injury. It is also convenient for the elderly, the young, the sick, the disabled or those who are not convenient to get on and off the bed.


Auto Track Structure

The tube can be automatically back to center-position conveniently and quickly when the chestradiograph frame is placed.



Low position photography

35cm minimal distance between X-ray tube andthe floor, allowing low profile radiography coveredby wide range tube movement.



Diverse radiography position

Large angle rotatable X-ray tube enables a variety of radiography position, e.g. cervical AP view, odontoid view,submentovertical projection.


Wheelchair and stretcher radiography

The tube and column can rotate 180 , providing convenience for stretcher and wheelchair patients to avoiding secondary injury.


Although the mechanical structure is only an indicator of a multi-functional dynamic FPD DR, the efficient and practical design can bring infinite care and help to patients. digital motion x-ray system is multi-functional dynamic DR that it has an intelligent elevating table and a comprehensive tube movement function, which can easily realize various and special imaging examinations. More care should be given to the examinees based on the concept of patient and clinical orientation.

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