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Eight surgical shadowless advantage-Part I

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Is a very important surgical shadowless lighting operation.It is used for special operations in the lighting,the surgical safety,quality of surgery,surgical efficiency and the ability to continue to work for the surgeon,eye health has a significant impact.With the development of the cause of medical care,surgical shadowless proposed new requirements.As ideal surgical shadowless should meet the following conditions(bovine ultrasound machine).

A good shadowless effect

Usually surgical lamps called surgical light.This is a few dozen or a ring light evenly ball 50 to 100 cm in diameter in the shade device.Players using a special light bulb and reflector,the light source gathered from various angles in a subject according to the surface.This object is illuminated under shadowless encountered staggered interaction of light,reflected in the shadow of irradiated surface becomes extremely slight ghost,get a clear surgical field during surgery.As surgical shadowless lamp must have a good effect.Shadowless degree is an important feature and performance indicators surgical lamp.Any shadows in the surgical field will hinder the formation of the surgeon's observation,identification and surgery.Ideal surgical lamp in addition to providing adequate illumination,shall shadowless must have a high degree of assurance the surgical field surface and organizations have a deep luminosity.Part of the operation shadowless lamp see diagram.
Eight surgical shadowless

Second,according to high

Surgery is the most intense visual task.Task lighting should be high illumination to reduce visual fatigue and improve work efficiency.About fine job lighting standards,national regulations vary.Depending on the object to another is less than 0.15 mm in diameter,for example,France is 1200 lux,Germany 2000 lux,3000 lux Britain,the United States 5000 to 10,000 lux,Japan 700 to 1500 lux,lux country is tentatively scheduled for 2000.Different surgical site,and some deep body cavity surgery,requires concentrating well,according to high,according to the Japanese Industrial Standard JISZ9110~1969,the provisions in the surgical field diameter of 30 cm range illumination of 2000 lux.High intensity surgical lights must have the condition.Recently,the Japanese developed a surgical light illumination of up to 2,000,000 lux.As surgical lighting,most countries believe that to 60,000 to 100,000 lux illumination is appropriate,the equivalent of direct sunlight at noon in summer outdoor illumination is too bright can affect vision.Provide adequate illumination at the same time,to avoid glare on the beam surgical instruments.Glare affect vision and visual,easy to make eye fatigue,is not conducive to the smooth progress of surgery.Illumination and hand surgery room 's overall illumination lamp should be a certain percentage of the illumination should not differ between the two Mrs.America provisions in the operating room illumination than 1000 lux.Japan provided the overall lighting illumination is 1:10 local lighting illumination,that the overall illumination of the operating room should be above 1000 lux.

Third,the low temperature heat less

With the improvement of illumination,and improve the beam will cause the temperature of the lamp body.Direct thermal beam head surgeon and surgical site tissue surgical lights will affect the efficiency and quality of operation surgery.To this end,the world attach great importance to this issue,and constantly develop new surgical lights,efforts aimed at reducing the temperature of the lamp.Recently,the French developed into a theater with a new cold light projection lamp.The lamp comprises an optical system and a number of cold mirrors.Using this light,compared with all previous surgery lighting equipment.Produce a stronger light,and heat was small.Due to the characteristics of the cold mirror,the incident light is only visible light region,the absolute output of the lamp is cold output.Up to 135,000 lux of illumination by changing the size and the focus position of the illumination area.In recent years,the use of chemical drugs,alternating layers of plating method on complex reflector(automatic x ray film processor) to heat and condenser.Again in front of the lamp assembly a heat wave reflection coated film complex devices.Visible light generated by the light source may be filtered through the infrared reflector 70%,most of the remaining infrared isolate and filter glass.After the above process called optical Cambodia cold.This cold surgical lights,heat not only small and high illumination,is an ideal surgical lighting equipment.Being finalized publication"People's Republic of China national military standard GJB-87 field lights," clearly stipulates the surgical field temperature:Run field surgical lights should not exceed 4C; portable field surgical lights should not exceed 6C.

Fourth,good color effect light

The so-called surgical lighting color effect,provided that the beam can truly reflect the current blood(hematology analyzer),tissue and change the color.Same color object under light irradiation with different spectral power distributions show different colors.Color light show illuminated object color performance is called the light source.Surgical light required,not only to see the color of blood,and must be able to clearly distinguish the change of color and changes in blood tissue.Requires surgical lamp light source with excellent color rendering.Under incandescent seen with blood seen under a fluorescent color is different.Nature of the object is determined by the color of the color of the light source.Provisions of the international reference source CRI of 100.High color rendering index,color distortion less,that color is a good source;while the lower CRI,the more serious distortion,color of the light source that is not good.For example: incandescent bulbs and halogen tube general color rendering index of 95 to 99 ),with fluorescent tubes general color rendering index of 65-80).Color rendering and color temperature of the light source are closely related.Object emits a high temperature heat and light conditions,and changing the light color temperature.Light color available color temperature,the unit is the absolute temperature K.6000K color temperature required to achieve the true color of about 70 to 90,the effective color is close to 100.

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