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Surgical shadowless eight advantages-Part II.

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Fifth,easy to operate

During surgery requires frequent changes in position and direction of the operation of the lamp according to the surgery,the operation must be simple,flexible,lightweight,brake quickly and effectively.Should be set to adjust the focus,illumination devices.Beaten the United States and other countries produce surgical lights,light body central portion with an operating handle can be sterilized(mini autoclave sterilizer),the surgeon can always adjust the position and direction,focus and illumination lamps.
Portable stainless steel sterilizer-MSLPS02

Six,with good response performance

During surgery experience a sudden power outage,affecting the smooth operation,the consequences are self-evident,qualified medical units are fitted with captive power generation and lighting,to prepare for emergency use.As the ideal surgical lights should have AC-DC composite supply,power supply automatic switching devices.Can better cope with a sudden power outage,always protect the operation can proceed smoothly.1970s,the United States,Japan,Germany and other federal army has good performance of field equipment emergency surgical lights.In 1984,the People's Liberation Army Institute of Medical Equipment made of high illumination,low temperature,AC-DC composite supply,the power automatically switched AC voltage regulator.DC power supply for a long time,the new structure of the 84-type multi-function mobile shadowless.Such surgery lighting equipment can not only meet usually use as well shadowless illumination performance and comfort,but also have a high degree of mobility and wartime use function in harsh environments.

Seven,economic security is better

Economy is mainly refers to the high light-emitting efficiency,low power consumption,long life.Active use of new technologies,new processes,new materials(bench top autoclave).Efforts to improve product quality and reduce costs.Large foreign halogen bulbs and light sources has been adopted by repeatedly refracted light cold light projection equipment.When you use halogen bulbs,attention should be not more than offset the positive and negative supply voltages of 2.5%.This is because the supply voltage varies greatly on the lamp life and light effects influence;When the voltage is increased 5%,the life will be shortened by 50%.Recently the structure of large and complex surgical lights tend to consider their safety is very important,it mainly refers to the electrical safety performance.Electrical installations and wiring connections shall comply without installing devices to ensure the absolute safety of use.

Eight others

Theater is one of the best medical facilities in the area clean.Light body should step on the adhesion of dust made it difficult material,smooth surface,there should be no bump phenomenon in order to keep the lamp body clean sweep.Surgical lights structural strength and weight can not be ignored,as far as possible using high quality lightweight materials.Major surgery light weight does not exceed 100 kg.Note that when mounted hanging mechanical security.
In recent years,with the rapid development of medical career,in order to meet the needs of modern surgery,surgical lights for the increasingly high demand at home and abroad have been developed to produce high illumination,low power consumption,long life new surgical lights.As senior product containing fiber deep Designed,color(color ultrasound machine) television photographic equipment and ventilation devices.In order to meet the needs of the surgeon set brightness adjustment device on high intensity surgical lights.Angle of illumination by light energy needs surgery and surgical scope changes.Buried want surgical lights should provide adequate illumination,good light color effect,groups of high,low temperature,high-quality and comfortable uniform beam.Taking into account the conditions in other areas to meet the needs of modern surgery.
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