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The four stages of development of the ultrasound scanner

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After such a long development,the ultrasound scanner has been more and more mature,for the treatment of diseases is becoming more and more advanced.Do you know the four stages of development ultrasound machine? If you are a medical student,you need to know more knowledge of it.

Normal Ultrasound machine

B-ultrasound scanner has been through three stages of development,the earliest use of the black and white ultrasound diagnostic technology,which is the ordinary ultrasound machine.Measured by ultrasound probe image is black and white,the organizational structure of the fetus can be observed,can measure how large the head and how long the body.

Color ultrasound machine

Appeared in the 1980s on the basis of ordinary color doppler usb ultrasound box diagnostic techniques,observed mainly red and blue images,facing probe red,blue and vice versa.
This technique can be observed in fetal blood flow,help to detect fetal abnormalities,such as blood flow in the fetal neck ring if it means a cord around the neck can cause suffocation and death occurred.

3D ultrasound machine

Both normal ultrasound machine and color ultrasound machine are two-dimensional plane images ,these two technologies are still being used,but due to the observed effect is more dependent on the amount of amniotic fluid and fetal position,once in late pregnancy or fetal amniotic fluid to reduce the mother's back for the observed effect on less than ideal.Moreover,the two-dimensional image can not meet moms "see" your baby look like desire.Thus,in recent years,with the development of computer technology,there appear a Portable 3d ultrasound machine,which is the two-dimensional image synthesis model,your baby can be observed from all directions through the screen.
2014 newest portable 3D&4D ultrasound machine

4D ultrasound machine

Referred to as 4D ultrasound,is the world's most advanced color ultrasound equipment.The fourth dimension is the time of this vector.For ultrasonics is,4D ultrasound technology is a newly developed technology,four-dimensional ultrasound technology is the use of three-dimensional ultrasound images plus time dimension parameters.This technology can obtain real-time three-dimensional images,beyond the limits of conventional ultrasound.It offers including abdominal,vascular,small parts,obstetrics,gynecology,urology,neonatal and pediatric many other areas of application.
Only when you know the four stages of development of the ultrasound scanner,can you be a eligible ultrasound machine user.Edited by the professionals of MEDSINGLONG GLOBAL GROUP CO.,LIMITED

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