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Wisdom in the end that should not pull out?

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A lot of people's wisdom teeth emerge only half stopped growing,revealing a little crowns,wore a crooked front molars,not all of the eruption.Jing Dian any oral expert Joan physicians to remind everyone that the wisdom teeth (dental x ray machines) grow crooked,the situation is not normal eruption not only to pull out,and as early as possible to unplug,keep it after all,is a hazard.
Digital Panoramic Dental x ray machine
Hidden one:wisdom teeth malposition prone Pericoronitis
Germination due to wisdom teeth,jaw bone growth that most people have largely been completed,Asians jaw narrow,often there is not enough space to accommodate the tooth,leading to the eruption of wisdom teeth can not be successful,resulting in the growth direction of skew or horizontal direction of growth,the so-called resistance teeth,wisdom teeth and even some people buried in the alveolar bone (ie ambush teeth).Impacted wisdom teeth can not be cleaned to because there are some dead,easy accumulation of food residue to produce bacteria,which causes tooth decay,inflammation around the crown,cystic lesions,severe or even cause cellulitis.In addition,the pressures of modern life and fast-paced,get angry or anxious when fatigue decreased body resistance will cause pericoronitis acute onset of localized bacterial virulence enhanced performance throat.
Hidden two:wisdom teeth cleaning in place easily lead to adjacent teeth caries
Jing Dian oral mention of any physician,dental assistant chair medical procedures,some patients have found wisdom,though not inflamed,but often fibrous food impaction,the light cause bad breath,caused severe adjacent teeth (the second molar teeth) and neck caries,carious cause serious or even adjacent teeth missing.In addition,impacted wisdom teeth can bite with the establishment of normal relations jaw teeth,temporomandibular joints can lead to long snapping,mouth pain,and other symptoms of bruxism.
Hidden three:wisdom teeth pulled early to avoid missing dentition
If the wisdom teeth grow out of space in its growth process,there will be more serious gum swelling,and wisdom will make effort to withstand the adjacent teeth continue to grow,it may cause the front teeth crooked,crowded arrangement.Joan doctors suggest that you either should be done regularly to medical institutions,oral examination,oral Jing Dian see the doctor for every patient X-rays are taken,so that the patient clearly see teeth eruption.
Dr.Ren also mentioned,although some way impacted wisdom tooth surgery depends unplug the Ministry was also behind the removal of wisdom teeth pain,and even bottle for several days in a row.But we need not fear,tension,Jing Dian minimally invasive extraction oral surgery,minimally invasive extraction(Digital Panoramic Dental x ray machine) of small wounds heal quickly,the ability to minimize the patient's discomfort.Tooth extraction surgery because of its visual smaller,limited operating space,the doctor should have enough experience,skilled minimally invasive approach to achieve true.So,here to remind you,be sure to choose a regular oral health care institutions and have enough experienced doctors performed surgery Surgical removal of wisdom teeth.

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