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Color Doppler Ultrasound Study

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Color Doppler study is the main medical equipment study in science.

Color Doppler ultrasound machine is a medical imaging technique which is used to provide visualization of the blood flow. Using color processing to add color to the image, a doctor or care provider can clearly see what is happening inside the body. This technique requires using of an ultrasound machine which is capable of color Doppler ultrasound. Having this imaging study performed is not usually painful, and the patient does not require sedatives.


Doppler ultrasound takes advantage of the Doppler effect to create a moving image of the inside of the body. In this technique, an ultrasound transducer is used to beam sound into the area of interest, and it reads the returning sound. When the sound bounces off a moving target like a blood vessel, the pitch changes as a result of the Doppler effect. The transducer can detect very subtle pitch change and record them visually, creating an image which shows where blood is flowing, and in which direction.


Viewed in grayscale, the image can be a bit hard to read. This is where color Doppler ultrasound comes in, with the ultrasound machine assigning color values which depend on whether blood is moving towards or away from the transducer, red and blue are usually be used. In addition to showing the direction of flow, the colors also vary in intensity depending on the velocity of the flow, allowing people to see how quickly the blood is moving.


One obvious application of color Doppler ultrasound is in examination of a patient with a suspected aneurysm of occlusion. The ultrasound will reveal areas where the velocity of the blood flow is changing, acting like a red flag to point out a problem. This technique can also be used to find blood clots, which will also be clearly visible within the color display.


In examination of rumors and venous malformations, doctors can use color Doppler ultrasound to map out the blood supply and learn how far the growth has spread. This can have an impact on which treatments the doctor recommends, and how the doctor wants to approach surgery and other measures.


While color Doppler ultrasound usually involves using a transducer on the outside of the body, it can be sued for transrectal procedures , in which the probe is inserted to get a better view. In these cases, patients may be given muscle relaxants so that the procedure will be less uncomfortable.


To ensure the best results when using the medical equipment, it is important to maintain a strict regular cleaning routine.


The most important part of the color Doppler ultrasound instrument is the control system. The instrument usually has 4 types of controls, in addition to buttons on the transducers: keyboard panel controls (keys), controls on the careen, foot switch (optional), keys on the optional Palm control Unit (PCU).

The control panel is sealed underneath and is designed to resist limited amounts of liquid.


You should not pour liquids on it, however. The keyboard panel is not watertight. Be careful not to spill any liquids, gels or moist substances on the keyboard panel.


Clean the scanner, including the hand rest and keyboard panel, after every examination:

1, If necessary, remove the hand rest and clean it separately.

2, Use a soft cloth moistened with a mild detergent or a disinfectant.

3, Wipe dry with a lint-free cloth.

4, You can remove the holders for transducers and scanning gel from the scanner to clean them. The trackball can also be removed for cleaning.


It is necessary to know that although the scanner surface is resistant to many chemicals, strong chemicals may discolor it. To clean the PCU:

1, Make sure that the PCU is at room temperature.

2, Immediately rinse off any visible contamination (such as biological substances) with a detergent and tap water at a maximum temperature of 400C (1040F), using a brush if necessary, and keep all plugs and sockets absolutely dry at all times.

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