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Medical care dream in China

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2012-2013 the average annual income of 67,516 yuan of Chinese doctors which cardiothoracic surgeon Health and highest income for 73,851 yuan,73,680 yuan followed neurology and geriatrics 73,657 yuan.Different regions,Beijing Doctors highest income for 104,664 yuan,came in second and third respectively in Shanghai 95,596 yuan and wide Eastern Province,80,963 yuan.Doctors annual income from all sources,the highest proportion of basic salary of 47.7 %,followed by 27.4% for hospitals bonus And 17.7% in bonus sections,these three accounted for 92.8% of total revenue doctors ; while doctors believe that "the hospital or department Room benefits "( 81.2 percent ),"the title and seniority "( 60.4 percent ),"the degree of economic development area "( 53.0% ) Personal income is the most important of the three factors.

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From the description of these figures,we can understand that it reflects the fact that:
First,it is China to promote the success of a rural cooperative medical proof.With China's medical reform in depth,the whole China implemented a basic health insurance.While in the process of health care reform,there are still problems in all aspects,but people see a doctor Difficult problem to some extent alleviated.People suffering from serious illness,serious illness,in helping rural cooperative medical care system,the With the opportunity to heal.At present,the grass-roots hospitals,people with Medicare card,can be reimbursed hospitalized 90% of the cost,compared to the previous few thousand people in hospital to hand over a few million,and now only need a few hundred dollars,thousands of Million,reducing the ill economic pressures.Therefore,in patients suffering from serious illness,the Metropolitan to the hospital for inpatient treatment,The number of hospital patients than do rural cooperative medical care is not a lot of time,which increases the workload of doctors,but also to increase The doctor's income.
Second,China's has lots of cheap medical instrument,But China's medical problems still need to continue to deepen reform.In the survey report,the National cardiothoracic surgeon Students with the highest annual income of 73,851 yuan revenue list.This figure shows that surgery is too high a difficult medical patients One big problem,patients need to do cardiothoracic surgery,because fees are too high,and because most in need of high -level Hospitals,and the proportion of low reimbursement,many families to bear the medical expenses of surgery and there is a certain pressure,which is a China's medical reform is a difficult problem.
Third,work pressure,human health,environmental issues have become a killer.In the report,the doctor of revenue in The first three areas of highest:Beijing ( 104,664 yuan ),Shanghai ( 95,596 yuan ) and Guangdong ( 80,963 yuan ).North Beijing,Shanghai and Guangdong,which is a large part of the country working class working pressure,working pressure against the body's Health.Meanwhile,population density,and environmental pollution,but also harm the human body,an increase of patients.Currently China to promote the success of rural cooperative medical care,so that sick people can be hospitalized,which greatly increases The hospitalized patients to the hospital,the hospital's revenue increased substantially.However,people suffering from serious illness to a high level of need When the hospital for treatment,their medical costs are too high,in which surgery and related equipment costs account for a large proportion of which is not Conducive to the healthy development of China's medical industry,the need for reform in these areas.At present,China's doctor-patient relationship Contradiction is more prominent,and health care reform can resolve this contradiction.Thus,doctors and people will benefit.Health for all,this is a beautiful Chinese dream.I hope health care reform in our country in the remuneration of doctors get enough attention,so that doctors get due returns,thereby promoting better medical equipments escort for the people's health.

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