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2012-2014 Annual Salary Survey Report of Chinese doctors

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2012 U.S.medical(cheap medical equipment) website Medscape launched the 2011-2014 salary survey reported that American doctors.
Radiology and orthopedic surgeons to $ 315,000 in annual revenue to become American doctors salaries championship standings,ophthalmologist The annual revenue increase of 9% over the previous year,becoming the happiest departments.Compared with their U.S.counterparts,Chinese doctors income situation.
First,the annual income of doctors in different departments
2012-2014,the average annual income of Chinese doctors 67,516 yuan.Where cardiothoracic surgeon with annual income. Chinese doctors income 73,851 yuan topped the list,followed by the Department of Geriatrics,Neurology,73,680 yuan and 73,657 yuan.Traditional Chinese Medicine is the end of 55,507 yuan and 49,284 yuan general .
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Second,the annual income of male and female doctors compare Male doctors an average of 68,832 yuan annual income,annual income of male doctors than female doctors ( 63,481 yuan ) high 8.2%.
Third,the income of doctors in different regions.
Doctors highest 2012-2014 average annual income areas of 104,664 yuan in Beijing,came in second and third. Bits were 95,596 yuan in Shanghai,Guangdong Province,80,963 yuan.The average annual income was the lowest in Ningxia. 42,951 yuan,48,399 yuan in Henan Province and Hebei Province,49,738 yuan,less than 5 million per year.
Fourth,the impact on revenue physician certificate Physician 's certificate has annual income of 68,285 yuan doctors,higher non- physician certificate doctors (40,676 yuan) 67.9%.
Five different titles doctors income The average annual income of senior doctors was 101,193 yuan,deputy senior doctor for 87,541 yuan,intermediate grade Doctors said the doctors and junior titles respectively in revenue and 55,717 yuan to 73,049 yuan .
Six different income qualifications of doctors Doctoral and postdoctoral average annual income of 97,953 yuan a doctor,a master's degree physician annual income of 68,760 yuan,Undergraduate degree was 60,366 yuan,college and below 46,856 yuan doctors.
Seven different levels of hospital doctors income.The average annual income of doctors hospitals of up to 76,183 yuan,while the other three doctors an average annual income.Income of 68,294 yuan.Two hospitals and a hospital doctor average annual income was 56,318 yuan and 49,347 yuan.
Eight different methods on doctors employed income(cheap medical supplies).Doctors have formally prepared an average annual income of 70,409 yuan,contract doctors was 59,798 yuan annual income,positive Type of preparation doctor's annual income higher than the 17.7% of contract doctors .
Nine doctors revenue composition,Doctors annual income from all sources,the highest proportion of minimum wage was 47.7 %,close to half ; followed by Bonuses for hospitals 27.4% 17.7% bonus sections,pharmaceutical companies financial support ( support activities,prescription rebates,etc.) 4.4% 1.6% of teaching and research income,other 1.2%.
Ten,doctors believe that the factors which affect the annual income That " the hospital or department efficiency" is the largest number of doctors in the main factors affecting revenue,there 16,918 people ( 81.2% ),followed by " titles and seniority " 12,602 people ( 60.4 percent )," the degree of economic development area " 11050 People ( 53.0% ).
Eleven,the doctor of their income satisfaction When asked doctors are satisfied with their income,the 88.4% of the physicians were dissatisfied,satisfied with only 7.8%.
Twelve doctors working hours per day Average maximum number of doctors working 9 to 12 hours a day,67.5% of the total,followed by less than Or equal to 27.0% in 8 hours,13 to 16 hours 4.9%,0.5% greater than 16 hours.
Thirteen,doctors participating in the survey overview 20,834 physicians participated in the survey,males 15,713 people ( 75.4% ),female 5121 people ( 24.6% ) ; 97.2% have a doctor qualification certificate ; 94.1% employed in public hospitals,5.9% employed in private hospitals.All respondents,There are 2036 people from the general surgery,the largest,followed by the 1682 people orthopedics,cardiology 1325,Pune Section 1276 and the neurology 1027 people.

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