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How are Computers Used in Hospitals?

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How are Computers Used in Hospitals?

The invention of computers started the revolution of Information Technology in the world, bringing modern concepts into the world. In the past few decades, offices, factories and business adopted computers to enhance their performance. The next were the households to adopt the computers as their new form of entertainment. Today, computers, along with Internet technology  are being introduced into hospitals to enhance the performance of the medical facilities that are dispensed.

The importance of computer is medicine is growing and spreading rapidly. The only disadvantage is perhaps that a full installation of all the computerized systems in hospitals is a lengthy and costly process. There are, however, some hospital systems which already work on the basis of computers. Here’s an explanation to all such systems as work on computers.

computer used in hospital

Medical Data

Every day hospitals and clinics which are attached to them churn out enormous volumes of data regarding patients, ailments, prescriptions, medications, medical billing details, etc. Such medical records are now all recorded into a medical billing software. Such mammoth databases are known as Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records. These databases are operated by a set of computers and servers, and come in handy during medical alerts and emergencies. The concept of EHR is a bit broader than the EMR, as the database is accessible from different clinics and hospital. Thus, a patient’s medical history can be retrieved from any hospital by medical practitioners.

Medical Imaging

“Tests” are medical procedures where specified components of the human body are scanned. A test can be as simple as a regular blood test or it can be a complex CT scan. This process is often referred to as a medical imagery. In order to increase the precision of such procedures, computers have been adopted and integrated into the testing equipment. The ultrasound and the MRI are the best examples, where computers have been adopted in order to the process faster and precise. Thus medical tests and have become more advanced as a result of the use of computers.

Medical Examination

Many systems are underway for the development of medical monitoring which will help humans to properly monitor their own health. In many cases doctors and surgeons also use sophisticated computer aided equipment to treat their patients. Such systems and procedures include bone scan procedure, prenatal ultrasound imaging, blood glucose monitors, advanced endoscopy which is used during surgery and blood pressure monitors. Basically these medical tests and tools provide significant convenience to medical practitioners. You will find that major laboratory equipment and heart rate monitors have already been computerized in many hospital.

Supply Inventory and Ordering

Inventories of hospital supplies can be tracked suing computer systems that alert employees to the need to place a new order. Orders and payments can also be submitted via computer, making the management of hospital supplies practical and efficient.

Research and Information

Doctors and nurses use hospital computers to research and verify information about illnesses, treatments and medications. Access to current medical research information empowers hospital health care professionals to provide effective patient care. Teaching hospitals also use computers as a resource for educating medical students about techniques and trends in all areas of medical specialization.


Doctors and nurses communicate with one another using hospital computer networks. Computers allow doctors to make adjustments to patient treatment plans via electronic communication. Hospital workers can also communicate with pharmacies and other health care agencies regarding prescriptions and patient needs.

There are significant advantages of using computers in hospitals. The importance of computers in hospital has also increased drastically due to the fact that the procedures have to be speedy to cater to a larger population and the medical services have to be more precise.

To sum up , the advantages of computers in hospitals can be summarized as follows:

  • Precise tests and medical examination
  • Faster medical alerts, which are more accurate and efficient
  • Enhanced data about a patient’s medical history
  • Precision in diagnosis
  • Precision in billing
  • Automated updating of medical history 

The possibility of the uses of computers in the medical field is endless, facilitating medical help to hospitals and clinics all across the world. There’s no doubt that the elaboration of the uses of computers in hospitals is resourceful.


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