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Animal Liver Disease - Diagnostic Test

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Early signs of liver disease are subtle and may exhibit some of the above symptoms. It is important to remember that some pets do not show any symptoms early in the disease. This is another reason for the annual exam, as well as blood and urine samples for dogs and cats aged 8 or older. Even though many cancers do not appear in blood samples, we sometimes get indirect evidence that there are problems that lead to other diagnostic tests that may reveal cancer.
Recent use of pesticides, pesticides and drugs may give us some clues. Some Labrador dogs are sensitive to the use of the arthritis drug Rimadyl. These dogs should be analyzed for blood before starting Rimadyl treatment. This group should be repeated every 6 months.
A history of poorly controlled diabetes may also make us aware of liver problems. Pets with liver shunts may be stunted and feel depressed immediately after eating. In cats with hepatic lipidosis, a history usually involves loss of appetite (anorexia), especially if the cat was previously obese.
Medical examination
Regular medical results may include:
Abdominal dilation due to enlargement of the liver (hepatomegaly) may be found. This can be reached in some cases, especially in smaller animals. Hepatic swelling outside the liver disease leads to hepatomegaly. This includes heart disease and Cushing's disease.
Lymph node enlargement due to secondary bacterial infection or the spread of primary or metastatic liver tumors.
Bruises (hematoma) may be observed under the skin or when a blood sample is obtained. This is due to the effect of the liver on the coagulation mechanism.
Fever - When inflammation or infection occurs, rectal temperatures above 103 degrees Fahrenheit may be associated with liver disease.
Skin infections and wounds cannot heal or recur after stopping antibiotics.
Yellow discoloration of the skin, gums or hairless areas (jaundice or jaundice)
Anemia can be observed by examining the normal pink color of the mucosa.
Diagnostic test
There are several tests to help with the diagnosis. For example:
liver ultrasound
The X-ray magnified liver is called hepatomegaly, and the abnormally small liver is called microhepatica. Any one may be a sign of a liver problem.
In addition to the flat sheet, the contrast agent can be placed in the arterial or venous system to help outline the liver. These tests have various names; gallbladder angiography, portal venography, and hepatic angiography.
The liver in this X-ray is enlarged because the edge of the liver is far beyond the last rib. The edge of the liver is very sharp and clearly outlines its boundaries.
liver ultrasound
Ultrasound is very useful for the diagnosis of liver disease. When the liver enzyme test rises over time or the bile acid test is abnormal, we recommend ultrasound examination of the liver.
Internal structures (called parenchyma) can be analyzed, and post-hepatic liver disease can be distinguished from liver disease. This can be very important because the disease in the liver can usually be diagnosed by biopsy during ultrasound. In this case, post-hepatic liver disease is not easily diagnosed. Instead, it is diagnosed and treated by exploratory surgery (called alaparotomy).
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