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Biochemical analyzer five most common cause of treatment failure and 10 fix way

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Common symptoms of 1:boot the machine sounding an alarm.

Treatment:In blood Biochemical analyzer Settings,if set is an external printer,you must first open the printer after opening the host,so the host self-test can detect the printer,otherwise the machine will alarm;there is dirt on the infrared sensor window automatically or inadequate or malfunctioning sensor sensitivity,window cleaner should exclude error injection signal,such as sensor failure,replace the automatic infrared sensor,when no spare parts available Val+F1 key instead.

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Common symptoms of 2:fully automated Biochemical analyzer on zero shows "measurement problem".
Zero with distilled water,displaying the information indicates that there is a fault measured,the usual reason:
1.Distilled water is not clean.
2.Liquidity bubbles colorimetric pool,check the pipe is damaged or if there is leakage of the cuvette.
3.flow colorimetric dirty pool,with a 5% sodium hypochlorite or biuret soak for half an hour after washing;color than the outer flow pool too much dust,wipe with lens paper.
4.quartz halogen lamp power is taken out from the power switch,power switch has three connectors,power supply line to the host,for the power line, as well as a group to the lamp power supply,fitting and testing the group does not turn,remove checks was found to be the group's spring and the power switch connector troubleshooting.
5.Remove the filter, remove the glue with tweezers,remove the lens,mounted on the machine,re-zero,troubleshooting.
6.Even with the above work,zeroing still pass.Remove the cuvette heater base,open the lid silicon photodiode detection system part of the optical path adjustment,the interior lights turned off,with a piece of white paper in front of the silicon photodiode,and move around the cuvette heater base,while adjusting the cuvette below the height adjustment screw, zeroing operation,when the lights were observed light points out the light if and silicon LED position consistent, repeated adjustments until zero by far,on a like color pool heater base screws,reboot zero,the failure still occurs, careful observation,found that hot melt pool heater color than the bottom of the base,when the base of the screw Shang Hao,changing the optical path has been adjusted well,and therefore the failure occurs again,dropping in the corresponding position on the hot melt,reinstall zeroing, fault disappears.

Common symptoms 3:After pressing the switch does not suck suck like kind.

Solution:First,listen to the pump is in operation,such as the pump does not operate,check whether the sample aspiration switch signal to adjust the suction-like switch in the top position of the beads,check the pump's internal resistance is normal;Second,check whether there is a leak or pump manage aging thereby replacing the pump tube;as part of the normal above,open the top cover,remove the flow cuvette,found there leakage flow cuvette phenomenon,bonding with acid, colorless adhesives,such as sticky After the mixture solidified,reinstall the flow cuvette,fault disappears.

Common symptoms of 4:automatic Biochemical analyzer determination results is not correct.
Processing method:first with the following recommended cleaning agent flow cuvette and pipe cleaning,then standard test tube,if the result is still incorrect,boot check Peltier electronic temperature controller in heat block for voltage, the voltage is normal,the power cord is securely connected,by controlling the direction of the current flowing through the electronic component Peltiier heating and cooling to produce two different states,a forward current when the heating, cooling is reversed,such as the replacement of damaged heating heating block block,pay attention when changing its direction,to ensure that the heating block in a heated state,positive,or they may burn heating block;there is probably bulb aging,need to replace light bulbs,light bulbs need to adjust the position after the specific adjustment method reference machine instructions,checking flow ratio cuvette bottom thermistor,thermistor performance degradation or damage may also cause the temperature control is not normal,thus affecting the accuracy of test results.

Symptom 5:Printer will not print.
Approach:First,check whether the motor is normal print,then along the cable,check the motor driver IC when printing whether the driving voltage,if not replace the motor driver IC,check whether the motor driver IC supply voltage,if not checked power supply circuit,the power supply voltage is normal,and found a driver transistor power regulator block and motor driver IC power between the test transistor find short circuits,transistors reboot after changing print management, print properly.

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