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Common liver disease - protect your liver

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The liver is prone to diseases such as type A or type B hepatitis, toxic hepatitis, liver cancer, or cirrhosis. Among them, the most serious one is liver cancer. Once he is suffering from liver cancer, the patient is a nine-death life, and his illness is fast and his death is fast. The terrible thing about liver disease is that patients don't have particularly noticeable symptoms. The sick person may have abdominal distension, chest tightness, loss of appetite, cold, fever, vomiting, etc., but ordinary people will not regard these phenomena as the same thing, and they will buy drugs and eat in the pharmacy, which will lead to deterioration of the disease. Even died. Or, many people will diagnose the surface or guess whether they have liver disease.
Experts explained that general tiredness, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, jaundice, and loss of appetite do not indicate poor liver function; but even if they can eat, drink, run, jump, or exercise, it does not mean that they are safe. Innocent. Because most of the liver diseases are asymptomatic, which is why doctors call liver disease "the biggest invisible killer," so be careful.
Liver disease without special symptoms is terrible, but as long as it is discovered in time, it will not be fatal. Some patients with liver disease may be all right after receiving short-term treatment; others may be chronic and good luck can live forever. Therefore, patients infected with hepatitis must not ignore it, and be careful to deteriorate into liver cancer. Treatment should start from the source of disease, control hepatitis virus, supplemented by chemotherapy, and both sides will achieve success in the treatment of liver cancer.
Although there are many medical publications that report the treatment of liver cancer, Chinese medicine treatment is superior to other therapies. For this kind of opinion, Dr. Li Wei did not quite agree. She said: "In my personal clinical observation, the treatment of liver cancer with Chinese and Western medicine combined with qigong and diet is the best treatment." Drink plenty of water, quit smoking, abstain from alcohol, and abstain from eating, contain toxins, contain pigments, or stimulate Sex food. In supplementation, Dr. Huang recommended Danshen, Bupleurum, Gardenia and other herbs to protect the liver and enhance liver function. Cotton Chanchen can clear the liver to yellow. In addition to this, physical examination is even more important because "the disease is superficial to Chinese medicine." Early detection of inappropriate body and proper treatment is the best strategy.
Common liver disease
Usually, you can roughly know if your liver has a problem with a simple blood test; if necessary, do an abdominal ultrasound test. Remember: "Prevention is better than cure." Pay attention to your diet and do regular physical examinations to ensure that your body is truly healthy.
Common liver disease
First, various pathogen infections. Including viruses, bacteria, parasites and other infections. Such as the most common viral hepatitis;
There are liver abscesses caused by bacterial infection, liver tuberculosis, parasite infection caused by liver flukes, amoebic liver abscess, and so on.
Second, liver occupying disease. The so-called occupancy, simply refers to abnormal or non-hepatic tissue occupy a certain position in the normal liver tissue, and may grow in it, expand, most can cause liver or systemic damage. For example, various benign and malignant tumors, hepatic cysts, liver abscesses, hepatic echinococcosis, hepatic hemangiomas, intrahepatic bile duct stones, and the like.
Third, metabolic disorders caused by liver disease. The most common and most familiar to everyone is fatty liver. The
Fourth, alcoholic liver disease. As the name suggests, this is due to liver disease caused by excessive alcohol consumption, which is mainly due to liver cell damage. Severe fatty liver and cirrhosis can develop.
Fifth. Drugs and other causes of toxic liver disease.
Sixth, autoimmune liver disease. For example, hepatitis caused by lupus erythematosus.
Seventh, congenital or hereditary liver disease. For example, Gilbert syndrome, which is mainly manifested by jaundice, is a congenital liver disease. Others such as multiple hepatic cysts, cavernous hemangiomas, etc. The
Eighth, cirrhosis. It is the late manifestation of liver disease after long-term damage to the liver by various causes. Such as post-hepatitis cirrhosis, cirrhosis after schistosomiasis, alcoholic cirrhosis, congestion cirrhosis (more common in chronic heart failure), primary biliary cirrhosis and so on.
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