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Basic form and main features of liver

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Basic form and main features of liver
Basic form
Most liver diseases have symptoms of jaundice. This is because the liver cannot continue to expel bilirubin and it accumulates in the body. The liver plays a major role in metabolism and multiple functions, including glycogen storage, decomposition of red blood cells,
plasma protein synthesis and detoxification.
Substances in the body, including foods ingested, undergo important chemical changes in the liver: Some substances undergo changes in chemical structure, some are processed in the liver, and some substances are transformed to excrete the body. Some substances, such as Protein, cholesterol, etc. are synthesized in the liver. The liver can be said to be a chemical plant in the human body.
The liver can also promote the improvement of some toxic substances, and then excrete the body, so as to play a detoxification role. Bacteria parasitic in the intestine, such as spoilage, can release ammonia. The liver converts ammonia into urea, which avoids poisoning. If alcohol is consumed, alcohol produces acetaldehyde in the body, which can combine with substances in the body to produce toxic reactions and produce symptoms of drunkenness; but the liver can also oxidize acetaldehyde to acetic acid and eliminate it. If excessive alcohol consumption exceeds the detoxification capacity of the liver, alcoholism can be serious and life-threatening. People take medicines. Drugs often have a certain degree of toxicity in addition to being able to treat diseases. At this time, the liver can transform medicines into water-soluble substances and remove them from urine or feces.
The liver is also a fragile organ that can cause illness if it is not well protected. After the virus invades the liver, the capillary permeability of the liver increases, the liver cells become swollen and swollen, the liver hemorrhage and inflammatory cells infiltrate, resulting in hepatomegaly and normal functional decline. Most liver diseases are curable, but a few are persistent and become chronic hepatitis.
Basic form and main features of liver
Main features
The liver is one of the few internal organelles that naturally loses its ability to lose tissue; in about 25% of the liver, the rest of the liver can regenerate into a whole liver. This is mainly due to the re-entry of hepatocytes into the cell cycle (i.e., hepatocytes go from the static g0 stage to the G1 stage and undergo mitosis). There is also some evidence that bipotential stem cells, called oval cells (o´v?-lo-sīt), are in the tube of a tube. These cells can differentiate into any cell or later on cholangiocytes ("cell line bile ducts"). Regeneration,
The fat content of normal liver is very low, because the liver can combine fat with phosphoric acid and choline, turn into phospholipids, and transport it to other parts of the body. When the liver function weakens, the ability of the liver to convert fat into phospholipids also weakens. Fat does not transfer, and it accumulates in the liver and becomes a "fatty liver." When fat accumulates too much, it is more likely to develop into cirrhosis and produce a series of symptoms. In order to protect the liver and prevent morbidity, people should pay attention to daily hygiene and exercise.
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