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Do not lost in 3D ultrasound anymore

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Some one confused to 3D Ultrasound recently,if you just lost in 3D Ultrasound function machine,I am glad to offer you some details of them.

Keys of Three-Dimensional Ultrasound
A three-dimensional ultrasound belonging of one color Doppler ultrasound,three-dimensional ultrasound is a dynamic display.And the superiority of three-dimensional ultrasound including uterine artery,ovarian blood flow sensitivity,display rate;shorten the examination time,to obtain an accurate Doppler spectrum;without filling the bladder,not obese,abdominal scars,intestine inflatable interference;activities by means of the probe tip to find the site of pelvic organ tenderness determine whether pelvic adhesions.

Three-dimensional ultrasound imaging surface for obstetric examination,fetal growth can be observed not only the process,but you can check the changes in the placenta,amniotic fluid and umbilical cord.More importantly,it can be used as the primary means of diagnosis of fetal malformations.

Due to the large organizational structure and liquid gray contrast,it can clearly show the three-dimensional shape of a suspicious structure,surface characteristics,spatial relationship to provide three-dimensional images of the fetus in uterus.Reconstruction include surface imaging,transparent imaging and multi-planar imaging mode.

Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Features
Following are Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Features

Increase coronal images based on the two-dimensional image on reservations;
Three-dimensional positioning,axial adjustment,the three ABC axial plane can be adjusted until the optimum image;
Three-dimensional imaging,dynamic and intuitive;
Real-time dynamic observation of the fetal head,the body surface and visceral activities,the image is clear accurate and reliable;
Cutting function,can keep the image focus;
Cut out unwanted part of the suspicious sites displaying three-dimensional reconstruction;
The rotation function,multi-faceted observation;with front and rear,left and right,up and down 360°rotation,the image is different orientations comprehensive observation;
to the fetus great pictures,record changes in the expression and burn a disc as data retention,aside for a permanent memorial;
And to display three-dimensional relationship and adjacent relationship between the different levels of the lesion included.

With the appears of 3D Ultrasound Machine,three-dimensional ultrasound imaging technology with the traditional two-dimensional ultrasound imaging,has obvious advantages:
First,three-dimensional ultrasound imaging technology is a direct display three-dimensional anatomical organs; Secondly,for three-dimensional imaging can be re-stratified,for further analysis and to determine the lesion location. Thus,in recent years,three-dimensional ultrasound imaging has become aspect of concern in the field of medical imaging.By the way,the application of 3D Ultrasound Machine has become more and more popular and a cool thing applied in lives.

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