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High quality color ultrasound served by MSL

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Aim to supply cheap medical equipment with good service in the same Medical level.MSL,Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.have been preparing serve you Specialized Medical Color Ultrasound Machine.For example,HQ Color Diagnostic Ultrasound System MSLPU32 is intended for use in clinical ultrasonic diagnosis.Today we can find cheap HQ Color Diagnostic Ultrasound System MSLPU32 for you,factory direct Clinical Color Diagnostic Ultrasound MSLPU32.If such a Color Ultrasound can not meet your needs,just see other Color Ultrasound Equipment such as MSLCU25,MSLCU27,MSLCU28,MSLPU32,MSLPU22 and MSLVU02 for different range application.

Following the more details about Color Ultrasound:

What's Color Ultrasound

Color Ultrasound simply means that the high resolution black and white B Ultrasound plus color Doppler,first talk about the ultrasonic frequency shift diagnostic method,namely D ultrasound,Doppler effect principle of this method,when the sound source and the receiver (i.e.when there is relative motion between the probe and reflector),echo frequency change,change this frequency is called frequency shift,D Ultrasound including pulse Doppler,continuous Doppler and color Doppler flow image.Currently,Color Ultrasound is the development direction of B-ultrasound within the medical field color Ultrasound.

Color Ultrasound Features

Color Doppler Ultrasound,for its Doppler signal processing is typically performed using an auto-correlation technique,the Doppler signals obtained from the related art after the color coded real-time ultrasound device superimposed on the two-dimensional image,that the formation of color Doppler ultrasound blood flow images.Thus,color Doppler (as color ultrasound) has the advantage of both the structure of two-dimensional ultrasound images,but also provides a wealth of information on the Hemodynamics,practical application has been widely appreciated and welcomed,known clinically “Non-invasive Angiography”.

Color Ultrasound Main Advantages

Under wide advantages of color ultrasound,its main predominant functions are complete eight aspects,they are: Color Ultrasound can quickly visualize the distribution of blood flow in the two-dimensional plane; display the running direction of blood flow; conducive to distinguish arteries and veins; beneficial to identify vascular disease and non-vascular lesions; beneficial to understand the nature of the blood flow; can easily understand the bloodstream phase and speed; reliably find diversion and regurgitation; and on the origins of blood flow can beam,width,length,area of quantitative analysis.

What is color ultrasound

When we talk about related technology,the color ultrasound,which is used in ultrasound pulse,when the detected object speed is too high,the color of color flow will occur error,the quantitative analysis was significantly inferior to the spectral Doppler,color Doppler ultrasound now has spectral Doppler function,namely--color duplex (doppler) Ultrasound.

Next the Color Doppler Ultrasound(CDF),also known as cheap Color Doppler Ultrasound Imaging (CDI),sources of information it obtains and echo Doppler spectrum consistent with the distribution and direction of blood flow showed a two-dimensional display,different speeds in different colors to be distinguished.Duplex Doppler ultrasound system,which is a B-mode ultrasound image shows the location of the blood vessel.Doppler measurements of blood flow,this combination of B mode and Doppler systems can more precisely locate any particular blood vessel.

1.Direction of blood flow
In the spectral Doppler display to zero baseline distinguish direction of blood flow.Above the zero baseline represents blood flow to the probe,the following were shown zero baseline blood flow far from the transducer. In the CDI,a color-coded represent of blood flow direction,red or yellow chromatogram represent blood flow probe (hot color); and blue or blue-green blood chromatogram represent blood displaced probe.

2.Intraluminal vascular CDI blood flow show,and thus belong to the flow channel-type display,it can not display the vessel wall and the outer membrane.

3.Identification of the type of vascular nodules with CDI vascular liver nodules can be classified.Distinguish vascular around its periphery to the inner edge of the curved section of vascular.Inflow vascular nodules,nodules inside the blood vessels and other vessels and nodules outflow.

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