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What is the significance of ECG examination in the prevention of sudden death?

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The biological function of ECG machine signals (ECG) of myocardial excited cardiac activity generated automatically recorded,Commonly used for clinical diagnosis and research of medical electronic equipment.

Before heart beating,Cardiac excitability occurs first,A weak electric current in the excited process,The current through each part of the body tissue conduction.Due to the different parts of the body tissue,The distance between the various parts of the heart is different,Therefore in various parts of the body surface,it showed different potential change,the relationship between the surface potential and the time of this body within the heart's electrical activity generated by the called ECG.ECG is recorded physiological signals such instruments.

The recording synchronization general domestic output channel number into: Single-channel,three,six and twelve ECG machine.medicalequipment-msl is a professional committed to the single channel ECG machine,three,six and twelve ECG machine manufacturers,Professional and technical staff,sales staff,Have any questions you can contact us,

Electrocardiogram (ECG) is the basic method of clinical examination heart condition,coronary heart disease and cardiac arrhythmias are important.

Dynamic electrocardiogram (DCG),mainly used to capture intermittent arrhythmia,paroxysmal tachycardia and premature if,with or without a transient angina,myocardial ischemia.But also on the number of frequent symptoms of cardiovascular disease (no positive findings of conventional electrocardiogram) in the differential diagnosis. So,often do ECG examination,we can found hidden disease outbreaks,for weekdays dizziness,chest tightness,palpitations,chest pain,dyspnea,unexplained fainting and other situations,significance. Home ECG machine to prevent sudden cardiac death are a weapon.

As for heart disease can be hidden,sudden,transient characteristics,in the hospital,it is difficult just hit disease onset time.

Therefore,the use of home ECG machine,outside the hospital to monitor the health of their heart,is the best way to attack ordinary users to capture the moment,after the doctor playback,helping doctors diagnose the disease.Currently blood pressure,blood glucose meter,has become a household common health testing equipment,home ECG machine also have home-based,portable,help detect diseases and help track disease and treatment,help predict the risk of disease characteristics.

What is ECG examination

How to choose home ECG machine?
Home ECG machine facing ordinary users,so the most important features are: there must be intelligent software to help users understand the results interpret drawings.This is also a difficulty the home of ECG machine for a long time can not be home-based.Second,the test results of home ECG machine must be consistent with the usual hospital electrocardiogram (12 leads),Just have to let the doctor reference value.

In addition,for inclusive reasons,home ECG machine combines the best multi-purpose,in order to meet the ECG,heart everyday health needs Holter,ECG and so the whole area.

It has 8 leads,is medical grade equipment,test results are accurate and can be played back to the doctor for reference; interpret drawings with intelligent software,breaking ordinary people do not understand the problem electrocardiogram; while supporting intelligent software,can be achieved ECG,Holter two functions; it features a highly scalable,is developing software ECG interpret drawings.

Use home ECG machine,daily heart health monitoring,can greatly reduce the risk of heart attack.Given the high incidence of sudden cardiac death in reality,I believe that home ECG machine will play a huge role in the prevention of sudden death field!

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