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How to prepare for HIDA scan

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How to prepare for HIDA scan

What HIDA scan do is to get an image of the liver, gallbladder, bile duct, and small intestine. In preparation for a HIDA scan, one may need to fast for 4 to 12 hours prior to scanning. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should tell the doctor.

The scann involves the injection of a radiotracer into the human vein. Tracer penetrates the blood stream into the body parts listed above. A special camera takes a picture of the tracking tracer's movement and transmits the image to a computer screen for observation and diagnosis.

HIDA scan can do the following:

1.Measuring gallbladder release bile rate, commonly referred to as gallbladder ejection fraction.

2.Check the bile excretion function of the liver.

3.Follow the path of bile from the liver to the small intestine

4.Evaluate the outcome of liver transplantation

5.Find the cause of the pain that originated in the right side of the abdomen

6.Cause of jaundice found or yellowish skin

HIDA scan

HIDA scan can help diagnose the following:

1.Biliary atresia, a rare congenital or hereditary bile duct abnormalities

2.Cholecystitis or cholecystitis

3.Surgical complications, such as bile leaks or fistulas, are the abnormal connections between two organs

4.Bile duct obstruction

The doctor can use X-rays and ultrasound in conjunction with HIDA scans to confirm the diagnosis.

How to prepare for HIDA scan

A person may have a clear liquid after 4 to 12 hours of fasting, but be sure to be examined by a doctor. Before doing any surgery, everyone should tell the doctor about any medications and supplements they take.

For example, patients who had X-rays with barium-based contrast agents or drugs containing bismuth (such as Pepto-Bismol) should be known to physicians during the pre-HIDA scan. Both barium and bismuth can affect the test results.

Pregnant women usually do not undergo HIDA scans because the fetus may be at a potential risk. It is recommended that women who breastfeed avoid feeding their babies for days after scanning to ensure that the radiotracer has left the system.

Upon arrival at a hospital or clinic, one may be required to remove any jewelry and metal parts. They may also be required to be replaced by a hospital gown.

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