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Way to look younger-facial exercise

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Way to look younger-facial exercise

As we get older, wrinkles are creeping in around our eyes, and skin is certainly not as firm as it once was. Is there any way to slow down the way we are getting old?
A new study shows that exercising our face for at least 30 minutes every other day can regulate facial muscles and lead to a reduction in signs of aging.
Dr. Murad Alam, MD, Dermatology professor at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, and colleagues recently published the study in the JAMA Journal of Dermatology.
facial exercise
Aging is an inevitable part of life. No matter how much we want, we can not stop. But when we appear, of course we will try.
Facial exercises sound simple and cost-effective, and - most importantly - they do not need a knife. But can they really help us look younger? Dr. Alam and colleagues conducted a survey.
The exercises include a "cheek lifter," where you open your mouth to form an "O" shape, place your upper lip over your teeth, smile and lift your cheek muscles, then gently place your finger on the top of your cheek. Then lower and lift your cheek repeatedly.
Happy cheek carving is another, involves smiling with your lips together to enhance cheek muscles. Next, put your finger in your mouth and slide it to the top of your cheek. This position should be maintained for 20 seconds.
Dr. Alam and colleagues explained that as they get older, the "fat pad" (which helps shape the face) between the muscle and the skin begins to thinner, causing the face to sag.
Emily Poon, Feinberg School of Medicine's senior research author, said: "But if the underlying muscles become larger, the fillings under the skin will be more, and harder muscles seem to make the shape of the face more full, muscle growth is increasing the face Volume and counteract the effects of age-related fat thinning and skin sagging.
Dr Alam said: "These exercises can expand and strengthen the facial muscles, making the face more compact and shaped like a young face."
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