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How to detect anesthesia machine leakage?

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Anesthesia machine leakage can result in anesthesia machine can not work normally,at the same time also can cause the pollution of indoor anesthetic gasses

Generally,anesthesia machine is rising type bellows,its advantage is that there is gas leakage circuit,the inside of the bellows skins in mechanical control state will slowly drop down.In other words,bellows is still unable to return to the top after several times.This is the most common air leakage phenomenon.

Detection methods:
1.A way of testing manual ventilation is if there is gas leakage:the machine is set to manual operation,connected patients,air inlet and air outlet patients,blocked bladder interfaces manually,performed fast oxygenation ,which lead to the airway pressure reaches a certain value.Then we can observe airway pressure tables.If the pointer does not continue to fall down,indicating that tightness of soda lime canister,flow sensors,patient circuit and airway pressure gauges is better.Otherwise there is the possibility of leakage.Excluding manual leakage,the pipeline connection with a patient air inlet and outlet connect all simulation lungs at the patient joint and check the air leakage during the mechanical control .The time machine control circuit includes a bellows,soda lime canister,flow sensors,patient circuit and airway pressure gauge.After the previous inspection lime soda cans,flow sensors,patient return,airway pressure gauge,they don’t have any problems.Then you can determine that bellows cause a malfunction.

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The symptoms and detection methods of bellows have the following three types:
1.There is leakage in the bellows internal bladder .Checking whether the part slightly wrinkled skins burst,and if so,then glue the bladder can rupture or replacement;
2.If the wind ring seal skins junction box is not so good that cause bellows leak,please adjust the ring to the appropriate location;
3.When the machine control bladder can not rise to the top of the bellows,the skins remain fixed position,this phenomenon occurred in cold weather or in northern China.The cause of this failure is due to the cold weather led to poor bladder scalability.Remove the skins and soak it in warm water about minutes or more.

latest Anesthesia machine leaks can result in anesthesia machine can not work normally,at the same time also can cause the pollution of indoor anesthetic gasses.You should contact professional maintenance personnel for repairs.You can contact Guangzhou Medsinglong Global Group and technical personnel,contact email:

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