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How to solve the problem when the ultrasound display the snowflake stripe

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Maintenance for the ultrasound.The reason to influence the image quality and measurement result.How to solve the problem when the ultrasound display the snowflake stripe
Which reasons may influence the (ultrasound machine for sale)ultrasound image quality and measure result.There are too many reasons,buy the main reasons are as follow.
The contact area of the probe,which is the acoustics contact area,shall be clean,rule out the interference of air on image quality.The scanning position shall be accurate,placed in parallel between 12 and 13 intercostal space.To make sure the perpendicular between measurement mode plane and dorsal midline plane during the measurement,because the tiny angle deviation can cause the bad image quality and the error of the measured result.Also the right angle can form the strong reflection and obtain the good quality image.
ultrasound image
2.The performance issue of the veterinary ultrasound
The quality of the ultrasound shows in two aspects,which are hardware and software.If the probe is better,the image quality will also be better.The gain and the gray scale setup will also influence the image quality.Besides,the special scientific animal measurement software is also the key factor to affect the measure result,sometimes the higher technical software can even make up the lack of image quality.
3.The breakdown of the veterinary ultrasound
The breakdown of the veterinary ultrasound will also affect the image quality and the measurement result.If that happened,please consult to our after sale service and we will solve the problems for your immediately.
Some customers response that the snowflake stripe is shown in the screen during the use of the ultrasound.We consulted the technical personnel from MSL company,and they told us the reasons are as follow.
1.Check the power supply of the adapter,the power supply may be interfered by other fire machine.
2.Check the environment,the ultrasound(portable ultrasound machines for sale) may be interfered by the surrounding electricity and magnetic field.
3.Check the probe plug to confirm the connection is good.

If it is caused by the above reasons,you can solve it by yourself.If the problem can not be solved,please contact our maintenance center to repair it.The article is provided by the technical personnel from Guangzhou Medsinglong Co,.Ltd.

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