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Mechanism and five characteristics of dental laser

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Dental laser belonging to Class III medical devices,it is a new technology in the dental field.

Mechanism of dental laser:

With the development of society,more and more people are concerned about the new things.As a pioneer in the field of dentistry,laser treatment is compelling.Flexible thin laser fiber can be free to enter any area of the bottom pocket and the oral cavity.1064nm wavelength laser light can penetrate human tissue with moderate depth and heat.Using a small laser energy can be effectively closed the mouth of the capillaries,can also break down the bacterial protein denaturation,to get the effect of swelling,bleeding and bactericidal.Acting on the dentin,can kill some nerve cells,get the effect of desensitization It also can be used to remove necrotic tissue and soil and root caries hole inside the tube so as to fill the bad teeth.Its energy can be freely adjusted within the threshold range,with good biological characteristics,has unique advantages in the treatment of oral disease in,it is a new means of treatment for oral diseases.

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Five characteristics of portable dental laser :

1.Since oral complex structure,the contrast ratio using the safety instructions of the light guide,can make treatment more accurate positioning.

2.Treatment with a laser through a larger diameter fiber flexibility to reach any part of the treatment,making treatment convenient.

3.Control of single highly integrated,easy to operate,easy to master.

4.For oral delicate design and various inflammation characteristic energy range,treatment safe and effective in patients with no pain,no anesthesia,thermal injury,wound healing short term without complications,a significant effect and other characteristics; even in uncontrollable case,it will not cause tissue damage.

5.treatment is contact,to reduce the possibility of cross infection.

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