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14 methods to help you how to choose animal anesthesia machines

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How to choose animal anesthesia machine?First need to understand the general function of the small animal anesthesia machine:

1.Switch valve must connected with an exhaust system,keep breathing bag filled with air.
2.Non-breathing exhaust outlet
3.The oxygen flow rate need 200ml-4L
4.Replacement of the soda Lime tank must easy & quickly

animal anesthesia machines for sale

The following methods can let you know which type of best anesthesia machines fit you:

1.The species and weight are important,during the experiment if the material weight more than 4.5kg,need Re-breathing system,otherwise you need choose Non-breathing system,that means this system can delivery the exhaled gas to the prrification system,so this type of animal anesthesia machines can remove any remaining anaesthetic gas cause a small animal with smaller respiration,also good for the environment,For the Re-breathing system can be exhaled gas in circulation so that customers can use fews of anesthetic gas.
2.The quantities of animas you need to anesthesia once.
3.The devices you have in the Lab
4.Need the breathing system or not
5.Useage of anesthetic gas(isoflurane,halothane etc.),different animal hospital may use different gas,we recommand commonly used isoflurane,sevoflurance & halothane ,isoflurance gas only fewer effcet to the animal,and more easy ti awake after anesthesia;halothane also the good choice of many hospital,so it is up to you.
6.Desktop or Mobile anesthesia
7.Using brain stereotaxic apparatus to operate the surgery or not
8.According the size of the animal to choose you need suction chamber,a mask or just a nose cone
9.With the exhaust system or not
10.What kinds of exhaust system you have now so that we can find our machine to sastify you
11.You need whick types of air pressure
12.what is your budget

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