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The notes of choosing veterinary hematology analyzer

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The hematology analyzer is the first choice for veterinary clinic.Identify the source of infection,inflammation of the stage,the nature of the anemia,understand the basic situation of the animal body,the nutrition,the condition of the dehydration,and participate in the development of treatments,drug efficacy and prognosis evaluation,etc.So hospital configuration animal dedicated blood analyzer has the necessity,is also the needs of the development of diagnosis and treatment.How to choose the special animal blood analysis?Is the pet medical managers should know some knowledge.Resistance KangFa (Kurt method) is the world's blood institute approved methodology.By using the principle of electronic counting pulse testing different cell size,on the market the WBC blood analyzer of three based on 90% of the market.lymphocyte subsets,middle (mononuclear) cell population,granulocyte group.

veterinary hematology analyzer supply

1.The first test to identify the performance of the veterinary hematology analyzer:repeatability.Under the condition of uniform,continuous after testing many times,the difference of index is calculated the same percentage of the mean,the smaller the value shows that the better the repeatability.

2.The second test:Accuracy.Using standard continuously measure the blood values compared with standard at the center of the target value,and the target value,the closer the center,the higher the accuracy.Quality product and the effect is blood instrument USES standard material in the production process,to participate in the instrument of linear correction.

3.The third test: Stability.Two meaning:Mechanical stability and reagent stability.Mechanical stability include Mechanical movement is smooth,the length of the test of time,the presence of the blocking probability,the interference of electromagnetic signal is the index of the stability of the reaction apparatus.Reagent stability:reagent is sensitive to temperature,reagent itself the effect of bacteriostasis,reagent gas overflow,hemolysin undermine the ability of RBC,more liquid enzyme washing clean effect,so the stability is comprehensive evaluation standard of instrument.

4.The high request for the automated veterinary hematology analyzer:Animals dedicated software,reference,outliers,independent calibration unit,a large amount of storage space,cases of editing function,temperature compensation,instrument noise,etc.

5.When pet medical institutions purchasing blood analyzer,reference machine consumables and warranty commitments.Actual use of reagent cost is the most valuable significance.Automatic cleaning repeatedly,continuous filling reagent,reagent weight of reflux,blocking the emergence of the maintenance of fluid using frequency will be reflected in the reagent cost.Animal blood analysis report of scientific judgment without a lot of clinical practice.In the same way:the function is more complete,detection more accurate and lower cost is to choose the animal with blood analyzer "gold standard".

6.If you are considering to buy a veterinary hematology analyzer,you can evaluate it from different points.
(1)Animals with special reagent
(2)Operational ease
(3)The time needed for the results
(4)The sample size you need
(5)Animal species can be detected
(6)Maintenance requirement
(7)Database capacity and function

Guangzhou Medsinglong is a manufacturer for the medical equipment,specializing in veterinary hematology analyzer,biochemistry analyzer,urine analyzer,veterinary anesthesia machine,veterinary ventilator,which are all high quality equipment in the world.Medsinglong focus on economies of scale,promotes the principles of long-term cooperation,reserve enough inventory in order to realize the fast delivery,adopt the advanced management methods to make Medsinglong closer to the goal of Maximize customer satisfaction.

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