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What's special in using Pedal sputum suction device?

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There are many kinds of sputum suction,including electric,manual,pedal,also in medical,at home,for baby.Before you using it,you'd better to know how to operate it as it has so many types.Now,we will make a introduction to you,what is special in using Pedal sputum suction device? How is it working?

Pedal sputum suction apparatus is belong to medical appliance technical field.In order to solve the problem of it's consumption,big size and heavy,mobile using and inconvenient cleaning,we design a new portable foot vacuum suction device,it has the beneficial and advantage with its simple feature,small size and light,easy to bring,cleaning convenient,low power,and using both at home and outside.

It is consisted with foot vacuum pump,check valve 2.3,hose,adapter tube,suction tube,phlegm picking up bottle,sputum loading box,trachea,sputum tube,and sputum block plates.The check valve 2.3,one way valve3 and hose were installed below the foot vacuum pump.

Pedal sputum suction device for sale

The adapter tube was connected in sequence,the exit pipe which connected to the adapter tube and the sputum tube which connect to the suction tube were inserted to the sealed cap of phlegm picking up bottle,the exit of phlegm picking up bottle installs the sputum box which tight coupling to it.In side of the phlegm picking up bottle,there is sputum block plates.The suction end of the suction tube has a tapered suction holes.

The application method of using Pedal suction device is not so special but similar as general ones,we also need to pay attention to the different parts.

Now we will introduce the exact operating method:

1.You must check if there is looseness and air leak on the connecters.
2.When in the surgery,the attract rubber tube should be blocked first(or fold the rubber tube into V-shaped),then stepped on the pedal several times to reach the desired negative pressure,the surgery can be started.
3.When you tap the pedal,the strength should be equally,and tap the pedal to the bottom and back to the top to make it full air exhaust so as to reduce the tapping frequency.
4.To prevent the blood and impurities sucked into the pump,the soiling liquid should be poured promptly when the capacity of reservoir bottle reach to 1/2.

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