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What is dialysis - Medsinglong

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Dialysis is a separation and purification technique that separates small molecules from biological macromolecules through the principle of diffusion of small molecules into water (or buffer) through a semipermeable membrane.
Dialysis therapy is a method of treating the components (solute or water) in body fluids through the semi-permeable membrane and can be divided into hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.
Dialysis for medical purposes is broadly divided into three major categories: hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, colon dialysis
Hemodialysis (Hemodialysis), referred to as hemodialysis, is also called artificial kidney and kidney washing. It is a type of blood purification technology. The use of semi-permeable membrane principle, through diffusion, all kinds of harmful fluids and excess metabolic waste and excessive electrolyte out of the body, to achieve the purpose of purifying the blood, and to achieve the purpose of correcting the water electrolyte and acid-base balance.
The thickness of the semipermeable membrane used in hemodialysis is 10-20 micrometers, and the average pore size on the membrane is 3 nanometers. Therefore, only small molecules with a molecular weight of 15,000 or less and some molecules of intermediate molecules are allowed to pass, and macromolecules with a molecular weight of more than 35,000 are allowed to pass. Material cannot pass. Therefore, proteins, pyrogens, viruses, bacteria, and blood cells are all invisible; most of the components of urine are water. To replace kidneys with artificial kidneys, a large amount of water must be discharged from the blood. Can use osmotic pressure and ultrafiltration pressure to achieve the purpose of removing excess water. The artificial kidney that is currently used, ie, the hemodialysis apparatus, has all of these functions, so that the quality and quantity of blood can be adjusted to be close to the physiological state.
Note: Hemodialysis, Hemo refers to the blood, dialysis comes from the Greek language, meaning that some substances are released.
What is dialysis
Peritoneal dialysis
In peritoneal dialysis, the peritoneum is used as a semi-permeable membrane, and the prepared dialysate is transfused into the patient's peritoneal cavity by gravity, so that there is a gradient of solute concentration on both sides of the peritoneum, and the concentration of solute on the high concentration side is low. One side moves (dispersion); moisture moves from the hypotonic side to the hypertonic side (osmosis). Through the continuous replacement of intraperitoneal dialysate, in order to achieve the purpose of removing metabolites, toxic substances and correcting the imbalance of water and electrolyte balance.
Colonic dialysis
Colon dialysis involves injecting filtered water into the colon of the human body to cleanse the colon, remove toxins from the body, and fully expand the area of ??contact between the colonic mucosa and the drug, and then inject a special drug solution so that the liquid can be absorbed from the colon through the colon mucosa. Toxins, and timely discharge, and finally into the special Chinese medicine preparations, and to retain, in the colon to use the colon mucosa absorption of drug active ingredients, play a role in the treatment of the kidney, and can reduce the turbidity, reduce blood creatinine and urea nitrogen, Uric acid and other uremic toxins.
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