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Who should Especially Prevention of Avian Influenza?

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Staff who in close contact with poultry,including the people doing breeding,sorting,transportation,sales,slaughter,immunization,and dealing with the dead animal,and those people doing disinfection for some venues should especially prevention of Avian Influenza.Special protection requirements people wear ordinary clothes,cover layer of protective clothing (gowns),wearing protective masks,medical disposable latex gloves,boots or wear protective gloves can be disinfected.Note that hand washing can reduces the incidence of infection.
what is H7N9

How to destroy the Avian Influenza virus?

Avian influenza viruses in general are sensitive to heat,low temperature resistant to heat 65 ℃ 30 minutes or boiling (100 ℃) 2 minutes can be inactivated.However,the bird flu virus in the natural environment,especially survive longer under cool and wet conditions,the virus can survive low temperatures feces one week at 4 ℃ water can survive a month.

How to prevent H7N9 avian influenza infection in our daily life?

* Avoid contact with flu-like symptoms (fever,cough,runny nose) or pneumonia and other respiratory patients.
* Once have the symptoms of acute respiratory infections,fever,cough occurs,should wear a mask,seek immediate medical attention; remember to tell your doctor before the onset of poultry contact history,etc.,and under the guidance of a doctor for regular treatment and medication.
* Develop a healthy lifestyle.

Medsinglong Global Group CO.,Limited supply The timing broad-spectrum sterilizer MSLPS02 is small in size and easy to carry around. The short wave ultraviolet, together with the lotion kills the bacteria, tubercle bacillus, germs, spores and fungus. It can prevent the swine flu and avian influenza virus staining from animals to human, thus, suitable for animal farms and public places.

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