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Benign breast tumor - cystic hyperplasia of breast

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Breast fibroma is the most common benign tumor in young women. Most of them are painless. Most of them are inadvertently found. They are small in the early stages but grow faster. They grow slowly or stop growing when they reach 3cm in length. They are round or egg-shaped. Circular, with clear boundaries, many more protuberances, less flattening, and not very smooth surfaces, with small nodules in thin contact, some with obvious lobulated, moderately stiff, and more tenderness, free to push.
Cystic hyperplasia of the breast
Cystic hyperplasia of the breast refers to the expansion of the ducts at the epithelial hyperplasia and hyperplasia of the milk ducts or acini or the formation of cysts. The disease occurs in women around the age of 40. However, young women and elderly women can also suffer. The length of time from onset to treatment is different. The shortest is only a few days, and the longest is more than 10 years. The disease is the main symptom and can have 4 different manifestations:
Single lump: Mostly caused by large cysts, clear boundaries, free to push, often identified as cysts. Unless there are too many cystic contents, the tension is large, or the lumps are deep and they are mistaken for solidity. The contents of the pouch are clear and bright, and if the infection is complicated, the contents are cloudy. If the surrounding tissue is caused to adhere, the nipple can be retracted when it is adjacent to the nipple.
Benign breast tumor
Most of the masses are caused by multiple cysts and palpated as multiple cystic nodules that can affect whole milk.
Breast segmental nodules: This knot is mostly triangular. The base is on the edge of the breast and the tip points to the nipple.
Nipple discharge (blood or serous): no obvious positive breast examination, but pressing some parts of the mammary area (equivalent to a breast gland leaf or several glandular leaves), can cause a milk tube or several milk ducts Discharge.
The pain of the disease is not significant, and it is dull pain or sting pain. When the breast tube begins to dilate, it can be accompanied by pain.
The use of traditional Chinese medicine liver qi, phlegm meridians, blood circulation and Western medicine hormone treatment, the effect is not good, can be removed and pathological examination. The principle of resection is the resection of the lesion. If the lesion is extensive, full mastectomy can be used. If the pathology after the operation shows cancer, then radical surgery is added.
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