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What is disease

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What is a disease
The concept of health
Health refers to people in good condition in physical, mental and social activities. So a healthy person includes
three aspects:  physical health, mental health, the need for effective activities and the ability to work with environmental coordination.
The concept of disease
A disease is an extremely complex process. In many cases, everything from health to disease is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. When Pathogenic factors in the cell, reaching a certain intensity or duration of a certain period of time, it will damage cell. The damaged cells cause to function, metabolism, morphological disorders.
With the increased of cell damage, tissues and organs  consisting of  the damaged cells will function.  As a result, metabolic disorders chaos, and finally break the body's steady-state. There are a variety of symptoms, signs (such as liver, splenomegaly, heart murmur, etc.) behave (such as labor, interpersonal communication, etc.) abnormalities. This process is called disease. That is, the disease is under the action of pathogenic factors damaging cell ~ tissue ~ organ ~ system, and finally to the process of functional metabolic disorders.
What is disease
According to the current understanding of the disease, the concept can be summarized as follows: Disease is the body under the damaging effects of a certain cause, abnormal life activity due to the disorder of self-regulation. In most diseases, the body caused by the damage caused by the etiology a series of anti-damage response. Self-regulated disorder, damage and anti-damage response, manifested in the course of the disease for a variety of complex machines, energy, metabolism and abnormal changes in the structure of the bod. And these changes can break the coordination of the body organ systems , the body and the external environment, resulting in a variety of symptoms, signs and behavior abnormalities, especially for environmental adaptability and labor Decreased or even lost mobility.
The above concepts outline the basic characteristics of the disease as follows:
First, there is a reason for the disease. Reasons for the disease referred to as etiology, which includes pathogenic factors and conditions. Although there are some diseases at present
The cause of the disease is unclear, but with the development of medical science, it will always be clarified. The occurrence of the disease must have a certain reason, but often, it is not simply the result of the direct effect of pathogenic factors, but also with the body's response characteristics and conditions that induce disease. Therefore, the study of the occurrence of disease should be from the pathogenic factors, conditions, the body's reactivity to consider three aspects.
Second, a disease is a regular process of development. At different stages of their development, there are different changes and these changes
Often have some causal link. Mastered the law of development and change of the disease, not only can understand the changes that took place at the time, and can predict its possible development and outcome. Take early effective preventive and curative measures.
Third. Disease, the body occurs a series of functions, metabolism and morphological changes. And the resulting various symptoms and signs. This is the basis for our understanding of the disease. These changes are often interrelated and interdependent, but by their very nature can be divided into two categories. One type of change is the damaging change that occurs during the course of the disease, and the other is the adaptive change that occurs when the body counteracts the damage.
Fourth, the disease is a complete body reaction. But different diseases in a certain part (organ or system) has its special changes. Local changes are often affected by the regulation of neurological and humoral factors, but also affect the body through neurological and humoral factors, causing systemic function and metabolic changes. Therefore, to understand the disease and treat the disease, we should proceed from the overall concept and deal with the relationship between the local and the whole body dialectically.
Fifth, the disease, the balance between the various organ systems in the body and the balance between the body and the external environment have been destroyed. The ability of the body to adapt to the environment reduces. Workforce weakened or lost. Is another important feature of the disease.
Various abnormal changes in disease can affect physical and mental ability to varying degrees, from the labor force to the total loss of the labor force. At the same time as the labor force is affected, other social behaviors will also be affected. If they can not participate in normal social activities, recreational activities and tourism activities, they will not even be able to take care of themselves. In addition to losing their jobs and their normal social activities, some psychiatric patients may also be criminally motivated. Therefore, treatment should focus on re-establishing the balance between the internal and external environment and restoring the workforce.
In short, under the interaction of the pathogen and the body's reaction function, the morphological structure, metabolism and function of the relevant parts of the body of the mind will undergo various changes, which is an important basis for research and understanding. Using various methods to study the etiology of the disease. Under the etiology, the process of disease development and pathogenesis, the body in the disease process to clarify the nature of its outcome, so as to prevent disease, provide the necessary theoretical basis.
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