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X-ray, ultrasound, urine tests, have you done these checks for your dog?

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X-ray, ultrasound, urine tests, have you done these checks for your dog?
Dog brings a lot of happiness to us. When dog gets sick, it can not tell us by language. So it is important for the owners to give dogs a physical examination in advance to prevent dogs from getting sick. So what are the examinations?
dog ultrasound
The physical examination of puppies (under 1 year old):
1 Routine examination: Some basic problems of dogs, such as hair, facial features, and internal problems in the mouth.
2 Complete blood count CBC: This test is mainly aimed at the parasites, immunity, respiratory tract, digestive tract and other issues of the young dogs. The blood test can also detect whether anemia or infection of bacteria.
3 Rapid Test of Infectious Diseases: Because young people's resistance is weak, we still check this item in the morning.
4 Excrement inspection: mainly for the infection of young dogs, inspection of feces is to prevent them from being infected with parasites.
5 X-ray examination: This examination is mainly to look at the skeletal development of dogs, there are no congenital defects.
The next step is to check adult dogs. First of all, do some routine examinations like young dogs. In fact, the same as for the first few dogs, the whole blood counts CBC, infectious disease tests, fecal tests, and X-rays should be done. This series of projects, but also the purpose of inspection, the smallest partners can refer to the previous.
X-ray examination
But adult dogs still have to do more than young dogs:
Ultrasound examination: mainly to see if there is a morphological change in the dog's internal organs, functional abnormalities.  However, a fleshy dog is not suitable for that. The reason is that the effect is not obvious, just because there is too much meat on it!
2 Urine examination: Check the dog's urinary system for infection, stones, or poisoning.
Finally, it is an old dog. Older dogs should pay special attention. It is better to have physical examination once every six months. X-rays are mainly used to detect the problem of bone degeneration, and then B-ultrasonography is used to check cardiopulmonary function and internal organs.
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