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Use focused ultrasound to treat veterinary patients

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It is excited that the first dog has been treated by focused ultrasound successfully. It is a great step for all veterinary patients!
What is focused ultrasound?
The relatively new focused ultrasound is a non-invasive treatment that uses real-time imaging-guided ultrasound energy to kill tumors without surgery or radiation. Because it is non-invasive, focused ultrasound reduces the risk of infection and eliminates the need for suture needles and E-collars. Focused ultrasound can also be used to ablate tissue or enhance the local delivery of therapeutic drugs. And because it does not involve ionizing radiation, tumors can be treated in one treatment - not multiple visits require radiation therapy - treatment can be repeated.
Dr. Neal F. Kassell, chairman of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation, said: “Traditionally, animals have become models for comparative research before extending innovative therapies into human trials. "Through this project, we have started a virtuous circle. Veterinarians will have new and innovative treatments to serve our customers. We can apply experience gained with focused ultrasound technology to pets to accelerate the application of human applications."
focused ultrasound
Virginia - Maryland Veterinary College Virginia Tech Virginia - Maryland Veterinary College
One of the Foundation-funded trials will be conducted first to treat sarcoma and mast cell tumors in dogs. Researchers are using a device called Echopulse (Theraclion), originally developed to treat human breast and thyroid diseases, to investigate whether focused ultrasound therapy can be used to non-invasively destroy tumors and stimulate the dog's own immune system to counter cancer.
"These canine tumors often occur on the limbs and may recur if they are not completely removed," said Jeffrey Ruth, assistant professor of radiology at the university, DVM, MS. "Therefore, amputation is usually needed. We hope that focused ultrasound can increase current treatment options, provide a non-invasive method of ablation of tumors, and will also trigger anti-tumor immune responses."
One of Dr. Ruth's patients was a nine-year-old cocker spaniel Maddi who was diagnosed with malignant sarcoma on the front leg. Focused ultrasound was used to effectively shrink the tumor, and then the remaining tumor was surgically removed. Subsequent appointments indicate that Maddi is currently cancer-free.
"I feel very lucky that my Maddi was selected as the first dog in the study," said Kitty Smith, Maddi's boss. Since the trial was funded by the Focused Ultrasound Foundation, the participating owners did not bear most of the cost of the treatment.
Oklahoma State University Veterinary Health Science Center
At the same time, doctors at the Oklahoma State University Veterinary Health Science Center are studying how to use ultrasound to accelerate wound healing. More specifically, the team led by Dr. Ashish Ranjan, BVSc, is using focused ultrasound to treat hygromas for dogs and cats. These people may be infected and painful, and are usually treated as challenging.
"Hygromas has poor blood flow and slow healing, so any incision in the treatment process will make the situation worse," said University Associate Professor Dr. Ranjan. "We expect this integrated approach to [focused ultrasound and antibiotic treatment] to significantly improve healing time and prevent the recurrence of infection."
"We feel that focused ultrasound can meet the critical needs of veterinary surgeons by expanding and improving the treatment of various conditions," said Dr. Kelsie Timbie, director of the Foundation's Veterinary Program.
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