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14 ways to teach you how to choose and judge a good B ultrasound.

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Vet ultrasound machine is an equipment which is emerging in recent years to be used to examin animal pregnancy and it has a large market in the domestic.In recent years,all kinds of large and small manufacturers of veterinary B ultrasound spring up.At present,the domestic suppliers is up to hundred plus the imported brands,there are about a hundred products. Various types of models of B ultrasound vary from thousands to more than one million,the price difference is several hundred times as much.This makes a lot buyers who do not understand the market or not familiar with the product confused,not knowing how to choose.The following knowledge generally allows you to pick the right one B-machine.

A black and white B-ultasound & cheap ultrasound machines for sale

1.the grayscale: 16-64 grayscale exited in the early machine,modern machines is usually in 256 gray levels.
2.Resolution: use by special module detects ultrasonic,experienced doctors can determine with the naked eye.
3.function: M type,Doppler function,multiple measurement capability (distance,area,perimeter,volume),multiple image storage,multi-STC freely control,dynamic focus,can be equipped with broadband probe,by conversion function.
4.the probe: probe can be equipped with a variety of capabilities,such as: heart,abdomen,convex array,phased,vaginal probe,a rectal probe,esophageal probe,puncture probe,intraoperative probe,high frequency probe and so on.
5.image processing: black and white flip,image edge processing,smoothing processing,γ correction and so on.

3D Color cardiac ultrasound machine / 4D Color cardiac USG with trolly MSLCU16

Second,the color doppler usb ultrasound box & color doppler ultrasound machine price

6.the image quality: excellent two-dimensional black and white images,color image color uniform,no small squares sense.
7.all-digital broadband technology: ultrasound transmitter; receiving; delay,and all digital.
8.with the second harmonic techniques: the use of contrast-enhanced vascular now shadow effect.
9.the three-dimensional angiographic techniques: the use of computers three reconstruction. computing functions: obstetric package (BPD,CRL,FL,HC,AC,GS,CI,APD,BD),the heart of the package,urinary package.

MSL Guangzhou teach you how to choose Veterinary B ultrasound? How to determine a veterinary B-machine performance is good or bad? Now you'll be able to continue it? MSL Guangzhou Medical heron long song dental chairs in the service aspect quite well,there are warranty,technical support,so as to real customers peace of mind,save time and money.If you have any questions you can contact our professional staff and technical
11.the first is that we are most concerned about measuring the depth of this parameter: There are now on the market are generally two types one is measuring the depth of 140mm for this kind of measure such small animals swine and sheep dog,do pregnancy testing,another measured depth is 192 animals is generally measured with a slightly larger cattle such,they also measured the time and according to what is in front of you think came out,measured when the cattle are needed to measure the rectum,the outer skin is not measurement.
12.and then tell us about ultrasound and black and white,the difference between pseudo-color ultrasound is generally considered more high-end users will,in reality,did so,the price is higher than the black and white ultrasound 2-3 times is very common,I think,in fact,black and white and color Doppler ultrasound should be selected according to their own use,if you do choose ultrasound research it lightly,if only farms,or Veterinary Pet Hospital is recommended to use these occasions to use black and white,relatively high cost,black and white can be adjusted into a pseudo-color,there are three possible options for users,have been more convenient.

probe of choice.

Currently on the market by selling B-probe are 3.5HZ mechanical convex sector scan probe,the greater the measured frequency of the probe image more clear,but there is a downside to measure the depth of the frequency the greater the more latent,this wetlands according to the customer needs to choose a

Finally said what is usually referred to the four modes.

Veterinary B-mode images have B,BB,BM,M four models,in fact,a different display method of comparison,M mode is generally measured heart rate,heart rate will be used when the general measure of pregnancy are single B mode on it.Furthermore perimeter volume what the average user will not be used.The above article is provided by MSL Guangzhou Medical Heron song long professional and technical personnel.
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